Sunday, May 29, 2011


Blogger is working tonight--
time to celebrate--

It has been a really rough month for so many of us--
and then rougher yet for alot of you and yours--
It is almost hard to read some of the blog sites--
so much hurt--sadness-illness--and tragedy that has happened--
but then again that is "why" we are all here doing this every chance we get--
to share those hurts--broken hearts--wonders--sadness--depressed feelings we get--
we are here for each other and we must continue to be faithful in our posting and reading!!

And then, we have to add in the weather/storms--and blogger not working alot lately--
and really busy lives--and it's a wonder that we get to post at all!

Well--for me--
Lil sister and Morris--- did actually move back to SC yesterday--
so I have a big hole in my life right now--
but--I have lots and lots of work around here to do!!!!
As I am really in the 'change over' mode again--
yep--you heard right--again!!!!
Hey--- maybe I will just get it right this time--
provided I ever get some time to be getting to it!!!!
everyday it seems there is something around to distract me from the real job of  'doing it'!!!!
Like today--friend called and off to JoAnn's sale we went!!!!
and yes--came home with some goodies!!!

Are you ready for a 'funny' story????
I took a shower on Friday morning--
and as I pulled back the shower curtain--

I seen a scene that totally left me standing in the shower in 'shock'!!!
my bathroom was all water--yep--there was nearly a half an inch of water on the whole floor--
water running down the medicine cabinet across the room--water dripping from the ceiling--
and I live on the 2nd floor--no body above me--
so I went to grab the towel--only to discover that it--along with everything else fabric in the bathroom was 'wetter' than I was!!!!!!!

So had to dash out here and get a towel out of the laundry--threw on some clothes and went downstairs and found the housekeeper--we discovered that as I was taking a shower--the shower was also giving the bathroom a shower--as the shower head was spraying water out of one of the connections!!!!
So to make a long story short here--
I have a totally 'stripped' naked bathroom and it is now shinny clean--
so I am going to redo it now toooooo!!!!!!
I sure did not laugh about it then--
but now as I type this--
it does sound 'funny' doesn't it?????

Well--miss gracie is here wanting some loving--
so I am off of here for now--
stay safe--and don't forget to laugh now and then---


  1. Oh! my goodness Di!!! Well I guess that is one way to get the bathroom clean LOL!!! not convenient but.....
    On Saturday morning my fridge decided to give up the ghost, urghhhhh....had just had a big shop the day before and it was full. So I hurriedly went into town and ordered a new one(I had already done my homework as I had plans to replace it sometime soon anyway) and the delivery van was there with the new one when I got home, how's that for service, straight away!!! Of course that had nothing to do with the fact that I sounded so desperate to the salesman and all my potentially ruined fridge stock LOL!!! My printer went west and I had a flat tyre too (all replaced now!), so now that all three things have happended in the space of a week or so, I feel quite safe LOL!!!
    Yes, it has been a month of minor disasters!!!
    Have a great week!!!

  2. Great post, Di. I'm sorry 'lil sis moved away. I know how much you will miss her. It's important that we all support each other as we go through the trials and the joys of life. Isn't it strange how much the world has changed?

  3. Sounds like you are keeping busy! You will miss Lil Sis....but we are all here just a click away...!

  4. Well, Di, you sure gave a new twist to "when it rains it pours"! lol I'm sorry everything seems to be happening at once, but sometimes that's how it goes. I hope it won't be too much work to redo your bathroom.

    I agree, so much has been happening in the world...makes me wonder why? and why NOW?!

    I know you will miss your lil' Sis, but as someone above me said, we are here to help you over this "rough patch". That's what friends do!

    Hugs to both you and Miss Gracie!

  5. Waah! (That's for lil' sis leaving) I can't believe that happened to your bathroom. What a mess. Well, at least Miss Gracie wasn't in the room with you, then the two of you would've been howling! (My daughter's cat sits on the bathtub edge while she showers.)

  6. Oh my gosh what a mess your bathroom must have been! I know you're going to miss your lil sister. Sending you a hug.
    xx, shell

  7. I'm sorry that Lil Sis moved. :-( That's got to be hard. You know I've always wished for a bathroom that would self-clean...looks like you found a way! LOL Give Miss Gracie a hug from me. xo Jen

  8. Glad your blogger is working,as I love your blog,always sooo cheer-full:-) Hope your sewing works out as missing your sis must be though.
    Happy Quilting!


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