Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I am tired of all this work--
work and work--then it seems as I look around--
I see 'no' work that is done--
yet I know I have been busy--

Today I did more work on the bedroom--
as I have a new bed coming tomorrow--
my back has been 'screaming' at me for awhile now--
and I realized on the trip to NH that I needed a new mattress--
found one on Monday--

I am so hoping to get most all of the redo done by July 4th--
that will be my celebration--and how!!!!

See ya soon--
am still knitting mainly--
and alittle embroidery here and there!!!

Hugs, Di and her kitty--
the famous-- Miss Gracie!!!!!!

Sunday, June 26, 2011


Or is there never really a 'finish' to decorating a home!!!
That is probably the real answer--
It sure seems like I have been at this 'redo' for a long time -- 
this time!!!

But then I have 'added' a lot of other 
have to do's to the list and the time table--
soooooo--I must be more patient with myself!!!

I do believe that things are coming long--
did get some more done this week end--
and that was going to an all day knitting workshop yesterday--
and--yes -- I did start--another project---
OK--I will admit the truth--
even though it does hurt--
I actually started not one ===
but two new projects!!!!!
and I do not have any pictures yet of either one--sorry!!!

So to be honest here--
by computer time I am in a 'dull' zone--
because I have tried to make sense out of my decorating and organizational decisions--
or--I have spend part of the day trying to find==just where I did put something--
so I would know "just where it was" when I needed it!!!!

Hope you all have a great wonderful week--
and I will try to 'find' where I stored the camera--
so I can get some real pictures for you!!!!!

Hugs, Di and Miss Gracie

Thursday, June 23, 2011


A post tonight--
not sure what to write about tonight???

I have been busy--
but with just the 'regular' things of life--
so that is not very interesting--
I mean how many times does one talk about cleaning the kitty 'box' and washing the dishes and doing the weekly laundry????
Guess I am in a 'summer' slump!!!

Now I have been busy--
got this months Tis the Season blocks stitched--
more knitting done--
some more decluttering done--
But again not much to show you or to talk about--

But I am here and I am fine--
and Miss Gracie is here and she seems fine---
So -- that is good news!!!!

I did go to knitting class today and worked along--
and yes I did buy more yarn--
why you ask????
Just because--just because I liked the color and I wanted it!!!!
Bad me---I have been reading a book/novel on knitting--and she was telling in it last night that her mother never had a stash--yet she knitted all the time--she would knit up a project and then go to the store and look over all the yarn and patterns and then purchase just what she needed to do that project--she had to have more 'will' power that me---I am soooo afraid that the one color that I think I just have to have will not be there the next time I go in--SO it just comes home with me--and even if it never gets made up into anything--it is loved and admired just the same--and I think that is all any of us wants from life--
OK Di time to get off the soap box and say --goodnight/goodmorning--

Monday, June 20, 2011


and it was delightful outside too!!!
Beautiful blue skies and bright sunshine--
yet a nice breeze and only about 79 degrees out!!!
it was beautiful inside too!!!
Oh--you think I got all the decorating done--
don't I wished---
but no--last night at bedtime==I decided I was taking the day off today and I was gonna sew all day--
now-- not just sew--but I mean really sew--like on the sewing machine and everything--
I actually woke up 'happy' this morning!!!
and after breakfast--
I did retreat to the sewing room--
and my machine 'buzzed' away for a few hours--
and the iron heated up and did a lot of pressing--
and here is the results--
Side 1--

ahhh--Miss Gracie--you are looking very pretty today--
but they wanta see what I sewed today, too!!!
and here is side 2--
I had a hard time deciding which way I liked the diamond panel--
so I just did each side with the reverse --so now I have one tote with two looks!!!
Do you notice what is on the black print part????
Wonder what "Di" is gonna put inside this one???
OK Di just because Miss Gracie got in the post does not mean you can too!!
Oh another hint here!!!
Ahhh--now we are talking---
It is my new knitting bag with lots of pockets on the sides for all those 'tools' one needs to carry and the water bottle!!!
And here is some new pictures of how the vest is coming--
This is the front panel--
and there was to be one of these going up the back too--
but remember--I did not read that part--
So here is how I fixed it--
And the cables match on the front and back on the same rows!!!
Here is what the small side cables look like--
I still have a ways to go--
but it is coming right along nicely--hopefully!!!

As soon as I got it done at 4pm I went over town to show it to Nancy a friend who works in the Yarn shop but only on Mondays--I wanted to show her the bag and the vest--she was pleased that I stopped by--then went on to the quilt shop--cause I needed to restock my iron on stuff and heavy filling stuff for the inside walls of the purses and totes--also picked up some Neon colored thread--yes--Di bought something besides 'country' colors--the Neon thread looks great on the panels for the purses!!!

So I will end--with some pictures I took on the way home--
I have never seen these before--real pretty--
and here is another different one--
Ain't these "cool"!!!!
Happy Summer--or Winter--and have fun stitching tomorrow/today!!!

Saturday, June 18, 2011


I am not missing--
just 'hiding'---not really!!!

Oh my what is missing is the last couple days I think!!!
So where did we leave off--Oh class on Tuesday evening--
and No I have not gotten any more purses made--YET!!!
but I will be making some more--they are 'cool' baby 'cool'!!!

As for Wednesday--would you believe that I have "no" clue as to what happened--
might have been stormy during my computer time--during the day it was more of just cleaning and finding new homes for my 'stuff'!!!!

Thursday morning was doing the 'chores' and doing some laundry and in the afternoon was another knitting class--and a funny thing happened here!!!!
Now you remember that I am knitting a vest here--
and it has this cute point in the front and it eventually gives in to a cable going up the front--and then we have small twisted stitches that go up each side under the arms!!
I have been knitting right along and was ready to put the first cable in at class time--
get there and am showing the others and they ask me if the cable going up the back looks like the front one--whoooooo---said anything about a point and cable going up the back?????  Ahhhh--none other than the pattern!!!!  Cute!!! one of these days I will 'learn' to read patterns!!!  So here I am with a good 5-6 inches of stitching--what is a girl to do--the vote was one to one--one said tear it out and start over and one said just go on!!!!  So they were of no help!!!  I sat and thought about it and looked it over--and decided there was no way I was going to unravel it all--I would of had to completely start over again!!!!  so I just figured out how many extra stitches I had in the back and started a decrease in the middle with the design from the cable part in the front and it came out correctly in just a couple rows and when I was ready to do the second cable in the front I did one in the back and now we are 'merrily' on our way!!!!

I got home late and was really tired and then Friday I just did not feel 'perky' at all--
but did work some more on the apartment--
so looky at these pictures--
Top shelf--left side--
top shelf--right side--
(see the mugs in at the sides--they are from a Hardee's--my parents had them years ago when they lived in Florida winters--if you took there mug you got free coffee with you cinnamon buns!!)
next shelf down on the left--
Ahhh--you knew there had to be some 'chocolate' in there somewhere's didn't you???
the right side of that shelf--

the left side of the next shelf--
the right side--
the left side of the bottom shelf--
the right side of the bottom shelf!!!
And now if we put these all together this is what we get now--
I still need to add the quilts on the doors--
even the cupboard under the shelves are done with storage!!!!

And in the hall corner cabinet--
I added something--
If you look down a post or two you will see the before picture!!!
I think this really adds something special to the basket!!!
I got this platter in NH on the trip--it is really pretty and very country!!!

Well-- I guess I have gabbed on long enough to this one--
Have a great Sunday you all!!!
Hugs, that Di and that miss gracie!!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Ahhhhh--would you believe that she ended up going to yet another quilt class???
I discovered a class for Tuesday night that was using a new ruler that I have liked when seeing things made with it--but had not had the time to study how to do--so what better way than in a class and with actually making something to bring home--
Here is the back side of my 'new purse'!!!
and I learned how to use these two items to make it--
both are so easy to do!!!!
Ok--I know you are 'dying' to see the front side of the purse????
Now is that not neat or what????
I do not 'do' evening classes--
my poor ole brain does not function as well--
and this class did run late--but I am happy with the purse--
course it could just be that funny cat print I used!!!!!

And here is the linning and pockets inside the purse!!

Here is a couple garden pictures--

And today I did get back to the 'inside' work--
It is getting better in here--but not done yet--
Here is the corner hutch--
all dressed up--
and I did get the top of the big new cupboard done--
decided there was just enough room on the top for my birdhouse collection--
the tan stuff is actually dyed cheesecloth that I got in NH along with those little lights--
the pretty green and blue eggs I found at Keepsakes while there!!!!

I do now have more floor space showing in the dinning room--
but still lots on the little table to decide what will go on the other 4 shelves--
plus I have not gotten down the dishes that I want to use here also from the kitchen cabinets!!!
there is tomorrow--right?????

Last night it got really chilly here--
but today it has warmed up nicely and the sun is out--

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