Friday, June 10, 2011


but I actually have a finish to show you--
No--not on the redecorating--either--
but on one of my classes--
See I did it--even got the second one make today--
learned some stitches in making these--
and that is what life is all about--learning!!!!

Hey--there's a "worm" in my garden-----

and boy does he look like he has 'eaten' alot by the looks of him!!!
Well--the garden still looks somewhat full--

and here is a picture of the window garden box--
and while I was out watering the big one--with that big 'fat' worm--
I found these by the fence--
I just love this old fashioned rose!!

As for a update on the 'reorganizing'--
I have too much fabric--
but then I have been told that if you are a quilter that there is no such thing as "too" much fabric!!!!
so we will say--I have my share of the fabric and then some!!!
the new shelves are fulllllllll---
and they are somewhat sorted out though and that is nice and it is fun to see all the fabrics--
and the walk in closet is coming along now--though I have had to use it for the 'run over' in the quilt and stitchery department--it will have to house my books, magazines, and my other stitchery items--
like embroidery, counted cross stitch and yarns--what I do not have a 'home' for yet --is all the new and old felt that I have collected--tomorrow--oh wait a minute--next week I will work on that problem--yep--sounds like a plan to me!!!!!

And with that note--
Miss Gracie and I would like to say--
Hugs to all and to all have a safe one!!


  1. It is quite an achievement to complete a knitted pair of sox! They can be addictive you know LOL!!! I love knitting sox too, for myself and friends.
    Your little garden is delightful, love those pale pink roses, beautiful!!!

  2. Congrats on a completed project, Di! I love your gardens too, complete with the fat worm! lol Pretty rose!

    Good luck finding a place for your felt.

    Carol (NJ)

  3. Congrats on the socks! Love the flowers and the caterpillar.

  4. Neat socks! Love your flowers and the caterpillar is darling!

    Maybe--- Mr.Jim Bob and Chester would like that caterpillar too!

    Hugs, Carolyn

  5. Wow! Socks! I am so impressed!!!

  6. Those socks are too cool Di! Good for you! Love the roses.
    xx, shell


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