Monday, June 6, 2011


I was away on a vacation for 4 days--
Thursday through Sunday!!1
with 2 other friends--
we went to NH for the 25th Anniversary sale at Keepsake Quilting!!
I had a great time and it was one wonderful trip--
even the getting lost part on the way home!!!!
and boy did Miss Gracie miss me--
she is soooo happy to have her mom back home!!!

Have lots to do today--
so need to go for now--
hopefully will be back later with more details!!
Hugs, me and gracie


  1. Young Lady! Do not disapear in the future again without telling someone (like me) where you're going. I uderstand if you don't want to announce it on the internet, but you do have my email address. Who took care of lil Miss Gracie? I'll be she was one happy kitty to see you return.

  2. Hi Di! I was wondering what you were up to! Glad you had fun! You're going to show us what you got, right? :-) xo Jen

  3. How fun was that!!! Glad you are home safe. I was worried!!
    xx, shell


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