Sunday, June 12, 2011


I took the week end off!!!!

Saturday I had two knitting classes--
first one in the morning was to learn another sock design--
this time from the toe up--yep!!!
Unfortunately we did not get very far on it--
the teacher was also running the shop and she got busy--
but we will make it up on another day!!

the afternoon one went better--
there was more that I could do on my own--
Can you see how the point is coming along on this vest--
there really has been a couple different kinds of stitches here--
and it has taken me 'lil ole brain' a couple three tries to remember them!!!!
Aren't those 'lamb' stitch markers just the cutest??????
We had some big T-storms just as I got home--so I did keep working on this!!

I did the first 'around' town trip all by myself--
it was lonely--but I discovered I can still find things to buy--
all by myself!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol
 Miss Gracie checking out one of them--
This is my new 'motto'--
I hope!!!
and I found this treasure too!!
Is this Rabbit not 'neat'???

Then at 1:30 I had a quilt class--
It was for the 4-patch posy class--
Oh what can I say--
I will probably be making this quilt forever--
in all kinds of colors and prints--
here is the one I cut today--
and these are looking sweet--
and before I left the quilt shop--
somehow these ended up in my bag--
This one will be interesting to see how it comes out???
I think this one will be really pretty--
and then there was this one--
I really did not like one--not even a tiny bit--
but then a miracle must of taken place--
cause I just had to buy some of it!!!!

Well--I am back to cleaning, organizing, and decorating tomorrow!!
Gotta get it done this week so I can get to making all those 4 patch posy's--
along with lots of other things!!!
I better go check on my 'stash' of chocolate--will be needing lots of that to get it all done!!!

From--Di and Miss Gracie


  1. Sometimes there is a time and place for romantic floral prints!!! Continued good luck with your knitting! I've haven't knitted sox from the toes up before, but I hear that is quite popular now!!!

  2. Wow, you sure did buy out the store, Di! I love your new's a good one. I hope Miss Gracie approves of it too. ;-)

    I'm eager to see your 4-patch posies too.

    Carol (NJ)

  3. Great knitting,looking forward to seeing! Love the flower fabric:-)

  4. I look forward to seeing your 4 patch posy - the title is intriguing!! You did a good job of shopping on your own!!


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