Saturday, July 23, 2011


My local Quilt shop had their Christmas in July today--
and they put out the Christmas fabric that has come in so far--
and they had 20% off on it today only!!!!!
and that 'Di' person who loves a sale and really really does not need another piece of fabric--
even Christmas--did go!!!!

and here is what came home in her sleigh!!!!
No--not a new play mate for Miss Gracie!!!!
Something more interesting and fun--
Is this not cute--this will be table runners using that new ruler thingy I got last year and never got around to using!!!
Then you have to have some other fabrics to go with it==right???
I love all of these--I just could not leave the store without them--
and this is the first one that I feel 'fast in love with"--
So simple--yet so cute!!!!

Also stopped at the Country shop--
needed to refill my lungs with some 'cool' air to finish the walk home!!
and --and--
now I really really had no intentions of buying anything here--
just visiting--
cute jar came out with me and--
this sign!!!
the jar has a home already--
see I know what I am doing???????

and yes I did stop at the yarn shop--
to have some skeins of yarn spun into balls from the sale last week--
and to pick this up--
the shawl is all done and has now been blocked!!!!
it feels so 'nice' on!!!
I spent most of yesterday at the yarn shop fixing the top bind off row--
and fixing the pink vest so I can work on it!!!

They are saying cooler temps starting tomorrow--
I kinda hope so--need to get back to my doing some things around here--
like back to the sorting, and organizing and decorating--
you do know that by the time the decorating will be done it will be time to redo it for Fall!!!!!

Keep warm you all!!!!
Hugs, smiles, laughs--from Di and Miss Gracie


  1. I'm glad you survived the heat while walking today, Di. Your shawl is LOVELY! I fancy those Christmas prints too! Nice table runners they will make.

    Carol (NJ)

  2. Maybe if we think about Christmas enough, it will cool down. It's too hot to even kayak. We'll be watching to see what you make with those fabrics!

  3. Love that shawl Di!!! Beautifully done!!! Yes indeed, Christmas fabrics are showing themselves already!!! I do love them!!! You got yourself some lovely pieces! Hope you are having a great weekend!!!


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