Friday, July 8, 2011


Oh my goodness--
it is time for another week end--!!!!!
the flowers above are hanging on a neighbors porch down the street--
this is one very huge plant--wonder what they are feeding it!!!!!?????

I also have forgotten to show you a 'special' find---
this kitten is a pin--
but I love her sittin up here in front of the monitor--
and she is sitting on a cute little notebook that I got as a gift--
in with my thread order from the Raspberry Rabbit--Shell!!

Today I did  get one more job off my need to do list--
well actually I got 3 jobs off it--
First was to transplant some houseplants--
like you know put them in those new flower pots that I bought months--ago
looks nice--
then after that big clean up and a late lunch I did go over town to the bank and back to the yarn shop--
am having a "tiny" problem with the shawl ---
welllll--it seems that it is more that a tiny one--one big one--
I am doing a totally different design in this part of the shawl--
but Sue said she would keep going with it as it is a uniform design--
sooooo that is what I am going to do on this one--!!!!!!
the next 'to do' was to have my girl friend help me pick up a small 4 drawer cabinet at the Country shop that again I paid for along time ago--well this baby is alot heavier and larger once we got it here than it looked sitting on their  floor!!!  My first intent was to use it for a jewelry box--
but it now has a new home and has somewhat maybe solved another problem piece I had!!!!!
then # 3 was to go to Walmart and get a rack to go over the toilet to hold extra towels and such--and that got done!!!
this statement is from Miss Gracie to you all--
but not for her Mom--
for Mom she says--keep on working on getting this place dressed up!!!!!

Hugs, Di and your miss gracie


  1. Di, I'm glad you are getting a lot of your items on your list finished. Hope you are finding time to rest too!

    Carol (NJ)

  2. that little kitty pin and that notebook are oh so cute!!! So, what's your idea for your new heavy 4 drawer cabinet?? I'd love to see a pic. of it!
    {I've been a follower of yours for a while...don't know if I've commented before or not...}

  3. Busy as usual :-)) I am home again .... Looks like I ought to get busy, too.

  4. It's my first visit...and LUV your fun blog! ...I noticed that you would rather be in Blogland, than to clean house...omgosh...I have to TOO! lol

    =) new follower =)


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