Wednesday, July 27, 2011


from 'knitting'--
can you believe it???
I actually sewed today!!!
first last night I got the last block stitched --
then this morning I got the next 'letter of the 'w'--stitched--
and then I really really did go to the sewing room and --
drum roll here please!!!
and I sewed them together--
here is set 1--done in all blues--
and here is set 2 done in browns--
and I did get one of the Northwoods blocks started--

then after the 'much' needed nap today--
I actually--
now don't go and faint on me here--
I actually sewed on the 4 patch posies blocks--
these are the ones that I had matched up a while ago--
so now I need to match up the rest of them and get them ready to stitch!!!

I have learned that I have to do the computer between 6 and 8 pm--
otherwise I guess too many are on here and everything takes forever to download!!!
so much for 'fast' internet!!! 

Last night I did the big boy camera out--
and boy did I get me some great shots--
of flowers--
and look instead of a 'doggie in the window'
this is what I found--
this is Lily--she is new here--only been here a month now--
her owner has lived here for awhile and her other kitty pasted away--
and then I got some awesome sunset pictures---

I took a couple that are really really good and totally untouched by me--
those I won't show till I figure out how to get my signature on the photos--
oh and one cant go to the lake side with taking a picture of----
well--the computer is taking longer and longer to download the photos--so---
Have a great fun day today/tomorrow!!!
Hugs, Di and Miss gracie


  1. Miss Lily is a pretty girl! Don't they just love to sit near windows and watch the world go by!LOL
    Your embroideries are coming along nicely and the little Christmas one is very pretty too! Those clouds look a bit menacing! Did you end up with rain?

  2. I'm glad to see you're doing embroidery once in awhile too, Di. I just love the floral pics! Thanks!

    Carol (NJ)

  3. Beautiful pictures Di. Your stitcheries are so nice too! BTW I love your header picture with the Singer! :-) Jen

  4. Those sure are some pretty flowers. But they don't compare with your embroideries! Just beautiful.


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