Saturday, July 30, 2011


you "knot" the loops in the yarn---
I have been 'knotting' up a storm--
I mean--Knitting---
Here is a quick scarf that I did up--
it has what is called 'star' stitch in it--
and the yarn is one of those that has different thickness to it--
I really loved making this one--
and I love the colors all together!!!!
fingerless mittens--
one is nearly finished--
this one is even thumbless so far!!!!
I do have the 2nd one started--barely--
it took me '6' starts to get it right--
(don't ask!!!!)
Oh Hi Miss Gracie--
you mom is around here someplace--
probably tangled up in the yarn ball--
but she promises to get herself out of by your 'feeding' time!!!!
today was two classes--
this morning I finished this one--
yep--my vest--I can not believe that I really got this one all knitted!!!!
it fits me good--and feels nice on!!!!
here is the sides cable--
and here is 'my' verison of the cable on the back!!!
And here is the start

of the afternoon class--
guess what this is gonna be?????

that's all for tonight -- folks!!!!
Hugs--Di & miss gracie


  1. You have done well with the finish of your vest!!! I love the scarf with the 'star' stitch, just gorgeous!!! I've made a couple of fingerless mittens too, they are so quick to knit up, and are great for cold days! Your circular creation looks interesting!!!

  2. Hi Di! I'm glad to see some finishes and some in-progress works. Love the multi-color scarf! I also love what looks to be a doily? Interesting pattern. And of course I love your flower picture with the bunny. :-)

    Carol (NJ)

  3. Really like your "star" scarf. Was it hard to do? The vest is great. Now I'm wondering if the last is going to be a doily also. Like the multi colors. I'm sure Miss Gracie loves seeing those needles flying and the yarn just begging to be played with.

  4. I love the color in that yarn! Yes...I said I love the color! hee,hee,hee.
    Your vest is fabulous Di!
    Of course, the bunny in the garden is quite fabulous too. ;)
    xx, shell


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