Saturday, July 9, 2011


Well-on today's list there was a 'fun' item--
and as it was such a beautiful day today outside--
I decided I just 'had' to get out and go to it!!!
A Sale at the Yarn shop--
and of course I was 'bad'--that what's life is all about!!!
some is sock yarn--one is for a scarf--the one sitting on the pattern--
and not real sure yet on the other two twisted skeins--????
they have a special where when you buy 10 or more balls or skeins you get an extra 10% off--even during the sale--this yarn was on for 40% off and with another 10%--welllllll??????
and even though I am a very colorful lady--sometimes you need a basic in the wardrobe--
and I really liked this color--it is not a yellow tone==but a beige tone---which is so pretty--
when I put it on the counter the manager said--Oh Sue (my instructor) just bought some of that last night and is making this sweater ( which she then showed me) for a class in the Fall!!!!!
so we figured out how much I would need for the class and got the rest of the balls I needed and an extra for good measure all at a great discount--now I am ready for that class!!!

and you always have to buy some sale books ==
so you can come home and dream about the next projects--
both were 35% off and there is patterns in both I want to make!!!!

No. 2 on the to do list was not a job I really like to do--
but--I do like---
to have clean clothes in the closet and a nice selection for whatever mood I am in--so I was a good girl here and did the laundry!!!

No 3 had to do with Miss Gracie--
it seems she has decided that her 'potty box' was not to her liking--
so as Mommy loves her--I did clean it and put fresh litter in it--
though I did not think it was time yet!!!
and how do you  like Miss Gracie's potty box????
and she approved the new 'clean'--she jumped right in and got it dirty already!!!!

well those where the 3 big's for today---
so now I get to 'play' and decide what is on tomorrow's list????????

Hope you are having a great week end with what ever you are doing!!
Hugs, and Smiles--Di and miss gracie


  1. I wish I knew how to knit! I love looking at yarn. I think about it from time to time, but I think I have enough hobbies for now. Gracie's box looks quite nice.
    when are you going on your vacation?

  2. Love all the knitting your doing Di! I love the feel and look of yarn, but have never tried knitting. That is one swanky potty box for Miss Gracie!
    xx, shell

  3. Great projects I bet Miss Gracie likes your yarn balls!!!

    Looks like you have a nice clean closet! I wished mine looked like that!

    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!


  4. I'm glad someone had a good day, Di! Miss Gracie sure has a nice "potty"!

    Can't wait to see your yarn projects!

    Keep the flower pics coming too! I love them!

    Carol (NJ)

  5. Looks as though you have a great supply of knitting yarn! I just love the Cat Potty cupboard, a wonderful idea!!!!


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