Sunday, August 28, 2011


It was 'strange' last evening just before dark--
the air changed outside--felt 'charged'--
and the sky was a funny color--
so looked on the Internet and realized it was just one of Irene's outer bands--
woke this morning to rain and wind--
and even though it stayed here all day---
I do not believe we got any real damage--
but--this 'scared cat' has stayed inside alllllllll day!!!!
I did take the day off--
and I did not knit!!!
but I did ==
crochet all day--
when I wasn't on here checking on things and friends!!!
am working on a shawl--
in very fine mohair---pretty!!!

and I hear that NY state had another earth quake yesterday afternoon--
I think it was--up north west of me!!!
Oh my!!!
here's some more flower pictures for you to enjoy tonight!!
Hugs, and best safe wishes for everyone--
from Di and silly Miss Gracie--
( how did I ever go so long with a kitten in the apartment????)

Saturday, August 27, 2011


I did get another finish earlier this week--
but I just 'goofed'--
as it is a crochet finish and not a knit one this time--
remember this shawl???
now I have some 'sexy' gloves to go with it!!!!
these are crocheted and I enjoyed making them--
and look I even learned how to add 'beads' to them!!!
I did have to restart them a 'few' times--
but well worth the effort in the end!!!!!

Today I went to an all day UFO day at the yarn shop--
they are nice cause I get waited on!!!!
we get morning goodies served to us--
then lunch is ordered from one of the local cafe's and Pam serves us that--
and after lunch we get homemade cookies!!!
and today we had some LOUD music to help us work--
NO--try again--
better--but try again--
Now we are talking--Loud--
they are making 4 apartments over the Yarn shop and next door business--
and for months--yep months and months now we have had the 'privilege'
of listening to them work--today was nearly unbearable--I hope though that they were finally putting down the flooring--so that it will be 'quieter' when I am at classes at the Yarn shop!!!!!

I worked on this project for the most part today--
 Remember this one--
worked on the two front panels to it today and got up to the second color--
so I feel better--this is just a knit and purl job--ohhhh--I better be checking the pattern--I may be close--or even beyond the decreasing part??????????

I did do two decorating projects this week--
one is the dry sink as you come into the apartment--
I actually found the bowl and pitcher at the Country shop and that is where I got the dry sink from--
all the dollies are old ones and I had picked up the country rabbit doll long ago!!!
and finally got some racks so I could display some of my 'jewels'--
so now maybe I will 'think' to wear them once in awhile----lol!!!!

I am praying for all my friends and blog buddy's who are in harms way this week end--
we are to get some rain and a little bit of wind possibly late tomorrow--we will see!!!

take care you all and stay 'dry' and safe--says, Miss Gracie--
and don't forget the pets!!!!
Hugs, to all--Di and Miss Gracie

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


It seems that today a lot of people where--
rocking and rolling--and things were falling from the skywalls in peoples homes and offices!!!
We also got a good tremor here in western NY--but we get them about once a year!!!
this morning I did notice that the sugar water in my hummer feeder outside the living room window was rocking some in a different than what is normal way--so I wondered if one was on it's way!!!
though I did not expect them to be all over the US this time--crazy, hu?????

Well--I do have some photos and progress to share--
I have the hat and the star scarf finished to go with the pair of mittens I showed a while ago--
these are going to the Library to help in a fund raiser.

and I did get the hat finished to go with this set of fingerless mittens for me--
and have now started on a scarf for the set!!!
And then--
you read about me getting a Hitty doll--
well, Miss Hitty and I did our first outing on Sunday--
we went to the Yarn shop--
and I worked on knitting her a shawl--
Now this shawl took  me only about 6 hours to make!!!!
Yep--you read that right--6 hours!!!
I sure can be 'slow' can't I????/
I mean Miss Hitty is only a 6" doll!!!
the first yarn I tryed I did not like the color and the yarn was in small pieces for some reason--
the sales gal tried winding another skein for me and it was even worse--
in the mean time I was looking around the shop and found this brown one--
decided that Miss Hitty would like this one better than the charcoal one--
and she said she did like this one better!!!
I also started out with a size 0 knitting needle--
and had to keep reknitting it===finally used a size 6--yep size 6--
and I think we got it done!!!!!  Wow!!!!!!
that was a challenge and a half!!!

And today I went to the crochet class this afternoon and am in the process of finishing those fingerless gloves--this pair even has tiny--tiny beads in it!!!
one glove is all done and the second one is nearly done!!!

And I even did housework yesterday--
am feeling alittle better now that the days here are cooler!!
Well am off to finish that last glove--
you all stay safe now--
Hugs, Di and that Miss Gracie--
OH and Miss Hitty says 'Hi"!!!!

Sunday, August 21, 2011


I took the 'big boy' out of the cupboard again this week and did an afternoon of photos--so am going to share those with you for today!!!
ok enough for today--
I have gotten a couple knitting projects done--
but have not gotten them photoed yet--
and I have read a second book!!
the first book I read was by Micheal Waltrip--called=In the blink of an eye--
as was very interesting and was about NASCAR--and if you are a Nascar fan--
it is a must read--was simple reading !!
I forgot to write down the title and author of the one I read last night and this morning and have already passed it on--it is a true story and was very thought provoking--will give you the title when I got that book back!!!

we have had rain and sunshine off and on all week end here--
but it has stayed warm--but pleasant!!!
On Friday I did get a new hummer feeder and boy does Lady Hummer like the new one--
not sure if Manly Hummer is still around--haven't seen him lately!!!
well--am off to do my emails--
see tonight you came even before emails!!!!
Hugs, Di and a lazy Miss Gracie--
(she was suppose to mop the kitchen floor today while I played around at the Yarn shop--
but instead 'she' slept all day-I guess!!!!)

Thursday, August 18, 2011


I have been a bad girl blooger this week--
haven't I??????
All I can say is --
it has been a slow quiet week really--
have not gotten much accomplished--
except a list of errands that I have needed to do for some time!!!
and it feels good to get them done--
I did read a whole book the last couple days--

we are suppose to take time off in the summertime and read a good book, right????
so now I can say I have done that!!!!

Yes, I am still knitting--
but just working on small projects like scarves and socks!!
Now--I did have a pair of socks started--
had a good 7 inches or more on both of them done--
but was trying to add a second color in a row every so often--
but decided I need lessons on adding colors, or something--
so I "unknitted" them before class today--
found a different pattern and did start one sock in class--
but somehow I dropped 2 stitches--and in trying to 'fix' them--
I did do a fairly good job---
I can see tell where I did it--
maybe I will have to start this one over again--again!!!

Have a wonderful day--you alllllll-------
Hugs, Di and kitty

Friday, August 12, 2011


first off I can not believe it is Friday!!
and that I have been a bad girl and not posted since Tuesday!!!
and "now" that I am here--I really have 'no' idea what to post about!!!

Ohhh--I know something that I have been going to do for a while now---
and that is to say this --

to all my new friends, reader, and followers--
Yes I did take notice and  have spent a minute here and there visiting your blog sites--
and I am glad to add you all to my list of new friends.

what Miss Gracie--
Miss Gracie can't you see that I am busy right now??
Ohhh--ok I can do that--
Miss Gracie wants to say--
welcome too!!!!!

Now while we are on the subject of blog friends,
comments and posts--there is something I probably need to say here--
first if you haven't noticed I am not the best at 'answering' your comments--
I love them all and they often make me laugh and smile and to feel better about the world in general--

but I have a hard time emailing you all back--I feel it kinda misses the point to the fun of comments--
and it does get to be the sameness to say 'thank you' in each email--
ok--if you really wanna know the truth of the matter--
ahhhh--no it is not because I am too lazy--at least most of the time--
it is because by the time I get to your profile page and get to the email page--

I ---I sorta forgot  what I wanted to say to you --
and I forgot what you said to me that I need to say back to you--
as to which one of you said 'what'!!!!
oh boy--now I have let the cat out of the bag--
and you know how really 'brain' dead I am or can be!!!!!

Well--if it is Friday evening here that means that the week end has begun--
and a big wonderful week end--
take a break from sewing, stitching, knitting --
and just go outside and do something fun or quiet--
and just enjoy!!!!

Hugs, from--Di and Miss Gracie

OHHHH--talking about cats--
I read that if you don't like cats in this life--
then you will come back as a mouse in the next one!!!!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


As it was Tuesday--
that means it is my morning to be with 'my Anne'--
and I had forgotten to mention--I think--
that I did earn two free $10 gift cards on Sunday at JoAnn's--
but you have to use them by this Saturday--
well--this is a biggggg race week end here in the Glen--
and all roads leading into town will be full of traffic with those trying to get up to the race track on the hill--
so we decided we would go to JoAnn's today so I could use them--
after all--20 dollars is 20 dollars and then when it is a free 20 dollars--
well even better--right????
I came out with 3 things--
I really have wanted the 'scrap-basket' book for awhile--
but kept telling myself that I did not need any--
and I mean any more books--
and this table runner one is just full of lovely ideas and patterns--
the total for the three things was only--that I had to pay that is--
was $15--oh the books were on sale for 30% off too--great deal!!!
what did shock me was the price now for fabric at Joann's--
do you realize there new price is $9.99 a yard--yep!!!!
nearly all the cotton fabric is this price now--
so my question is--
"what are the quilt shops going to be charging soon?????"

we made a quick stop at Petsmart for me to get another bag of Miss Gracie's favorite dry food--
then we went to a 'new' to me place to eat--
and boy was it fun to be there and the food was sooooo Yummy!!!!
and then this came out with me--
two loaves of bread--one is tomato-basil and the other one is three cheese--
Oh--you see a little bag there too--
Hummmm--wonder what is in there???/
Ahhh--an oatmeal cookie and a pumpkin muffin--
I really enjoyed going here--thanks Anne for driving me around today!!!

When I got home this is what greeted me--
I think someone has been playing with 'her' toys--
while mommy was out shopping!!!

Well---I was a very good girl and this shawl is all finished--
this is folded in half for the picture--
I loved knitting it--but I still do not like the color --or should I say colors--
this pattern is called "Garden Pond" and is free on the Internet!!
and really is fairly simple!!!!

Then I have gotten these projects all finished--
the pink ones are for me--
now I have enough yarn left for a scarf to go with them--
need to decide on a pattern!!
the yellow ones will go with a scarf that is on the needles and a hat that just got started--
will be a 3 piece set--probably a Christmas gift!!
So I have been 'knittin' right along here!!!!

and what have you been up to these days!!!!
Hugs, Di and Miss Gracie

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