Saturday, August 27, 2011


I did get another finish earlier this week--
but I just 'goofed'--
as it is a crochet finish and not a knit one this time--
remember this shawl???
now I have some 'sexy' gloves to go with it!!!!
these are crocheted and I enjoyed making them--
and look I even learned how to add 'beads' to them!!!
I did have to restart them a 'few' times--
but well worth the effort in the end!!!!!

Today I went to an all day UFO day at the yarn shop--
they are nice cause I get waited on!!!!
we get morning goodies served to us--
then lunch is ordered from one of the local cafe's and Pam serves us that--
and after lunch we get homemade cookies!!!
and today we had some LOUD music to help us work--
NO--try again--
better--but try again--
Now we are talking--Loud--
they are making 4 apartments over the Yarn shop and next door business--
and for months--yep months and months now we have had the 'privilege'
of listening to them work--today was nearly unbearable--I hope though that they were finally putting down the flooring--so that it will be 'quieter' when I am at classes at the Yarn shop!!!!!

I worked on this project for the most part today--
 Remember this one--
worked on the two front panels to it today and got up to the second color--
so I feel better--this is just a knit and purl job--ohhhh--I better be checking the pattern--I may be close--or even beyond the decreasing part??????????

I did do two decorating projects this week--
one is the dry sink as you come into the apartment--
I actually found the bowl and pitcher at the Country shop and that is where I got the dry sink from--
all the dollies are old ones and I had picked up the country rabbit doll long ago!!!
and finally got some racks so I could display some of my 'jewels'--
so now maybe I will 'think' to wear them once in awhile----lol!!!!

I am praying for all my friends and blog buddy's who are in harms way this week end--
we are to get some rain and a little bit of wind possibly late tomorrow--we will see!!!

take care you all and stay 'dry' and safe--says, Miss Gracie--
and don't forget the pets!!!!
Hugs, to all--Di and Miss Gracie


  1. Your knitting & crochet projects are coming along nicely! Well done! Love your dry sink (we call these items bathroom dressers) and bowl/jug set, very nice!!!
    I have been following the news about the hurricane, doesn't sound too nice, and yes my first thought is always for the animals, I hope they don't get left behind, poor little things!

  2. Stay safe Di and Miss Gracie!

  3. Sounds like a nice time at the yarn shop.
    Hope you don't get too close to Irene. Stay safe!

  4. Lovely lovely work, Di! Sorry the yarn shop was so noisy.

    Irene has arrived and woke me up at 4 pm with rocking the house and spattering rain at the east-facing windows. :-( Hoping and praying we don't lose power. The eye of the storm should pass just a little east of us!

    Stay safe!

    Carol (NJ)


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