Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Would you believe that my dolly --
Miss Hitty got a package in the mail yesterday????

I don't know if I ever told you who got me into 'lusting' over the Hitty dolls??
It was that Carolyn over at leeprairiedesigns.blogspot.com
and so I had decided that when my 'ship' came in--
I would have one of my very own Hitty dolls!!!

the funny thing is that are dolls are really 'twins'--
as they both have the same dresses!!!
and you remember when I did the shawl for mine a while back???
I told Carolyn's Hitty that I would knit her one and send it--
( and it is knitted--just not in the mail yet-but soon!!!)
And Carolyn's Miss Hitty wrote back and said she would quilt a quilt for my Miss Hitty--
and look at this--
Is this littly tiny quilt not to 'die' for--
and oh how Miss Hitty loves it--
and along with the quilt came the cutest little teddy bear!!
now how wonderful it that???
Ahhhhh--Miss Gracie--there's another 'mouse' in the house--
see -- right there on the bench by Miss Hitty!!!!
Wonder if she was the mouse that keeps getting into the chocolate fudge????

We really have had some great late summer days here--
but we did get some rain today--
and I see that by the end of this week we will be into more Fall like temperatures!!!
And hang in there quilters--
I did do some work on organizing and this morning I cleaned of the cutting counter in the sewing room--soooooo--
but first there is a couple days of laundry to do--
unless someone would like to volunteer to do it for me so I can get back to sewing!!??????

In the mean time--have fun!!!
Hugs, Di and miss gracie and all her 'mice' friends!!!!

Sunday, September 25, 2011


We had a perfect 'summer' day here--
blue skies--
slight breeze--
and almost to 80 degrees!!!!!

Now how can one stay inside and rest with all 'that' going on outside--
so I did go for a 'stroll' overtown--
did not take any work with me!!!

Did 'pop' in to the Quilt shop--to just check on a class--
they are going to work on Crazy quilts once a month and I am interested in that--have been for along time now!!!
Did 'pop' in at the Yarn shop--to check on a pattern--but the model was gone--
it is for a scarf that came in a kit and is new and I do believe they have the wrong size needles listed???  the gal who was working there today is also doing one and she also thinks the size is wrong--but we are knitting away just the same--so ours might take forever to get made!!!
Then 'popped' in and seen my friend at the Country shop--
and this is the only thing that came home with me!!!
Hummmm--not a very big bag--at that!!!
Lets see what's inside--
Oh my--dark chocolate homemade fudge--
but wait a minute--
Missss Gracieeeeeeeee---
I think we got a mouse in the house???
take another look--
Yep--there is definitely some 'teeth' marks on this corner--
with alittle of it gone!!!
so which one of your 'many' mice did this????
Maybe the one on the right--it looks like he has a dirty face to me!!!
What--Miss Gracie
Oh your mice don't like chocolate--
and those look like 'human' teeth marks to you!!!
Hey it is delicious what can Mom say!!!
and I knew you would only want me to bring home things that 'taste' really good!!!!!!!
Now I am confused here--
it was a perfect 'summer' day--
yet this is one of the trees in the back lot here by the lake--
and it looks like 'fall' to me!!!!!!!!!

Hugs, Mom and Miss Gracie

Friday, September 23, 2011


By Me!!!
As it seems that my Mom is alittle over tired lately--
and is having a 'hard' time with the day to day 'stuff'
and I am sorry--but my food and water bowls come first!!!
and I have to let her rest a lot--
cause you see that nice full basket of my toys?????
I need Mom to be strong enough to throw those all over the apartment--
so I can run, jump, and catch them--
and then, I need Mom to be 'rested' enough to pick them all up again---
so she "we", can make the mess again the next evening!!!!!!!!!!

I think the Yarn tour was harder on Mom than she thought it would be--
but she will come around soon--I am sure!!!
even if I have to hide her wallet and the apartment keys!!!

She says she hopes you are all doing well--
and by the way she did do some sewing the other day--
so there is still 'hopes' for her--or there was---
until I seen here making those 'knots' in yarn on a couple pairs of needles--
I just wished 'she' would let "me" help her with those projects!!!!!!!!!

Hugs, from us--Mom and me--Miss Gracie

Sunday, September 18, 2011


is having fun!!!
I can not believe that it is Sunday all ready--
seems like it should still be noon on Wednesday!!!
I do have to say that from Wednesday at 5 pm to Saturday at 9 pm--
I was busy every minute that I was awake and I truly loved every single minute of it--even the bus rides!! and that is saying alot at this point!!

Now as for my body--
I have been in alot of pain and have ached terribly--
but I forget 'pain' when I am spending money and having fun with newly made friends!!!
I met alot of neat women and four mother/daughter teams of knitters!!
and I learned so much that my brain even aches tonight!!!!!!
and these gals can knit anywhere and everywhere--
I was really surprised by there love for this craft!!!

I really am not sure how to do this--
so I guess I will break it up into the days of the tour--
because you know me--lots of pictures--
so here goes--
we met at the store at 5 pm on Wednesday evening for knitting and games!!
we all got a nice 'introductory' gift package--
this is the yarn and gifts I got in mine--
Now how did Pam know that I love the pink family????
Is she a good manager and friend or what!!!!
and I also brought these home--
I won the needles in a door prize--
and the yarn I got in a 'yarn toss' game where we introduced ourselves to the others-
that yarn is soooo soft!!!!

On Thursday morning we were back to the shop for a class--
On spinning--
It was fun--but I can't say at this point that I liked it or enjoyed it--
but my 'spindle' wouldn't "obey" my wishes--so it was just probably the spindle that was misbehaving!!!!

after a lunch at the shop we all got on the bus and toured a farm about 10 miles from town--
they had all the animals--

and she handpaints her yarn--
this is what came home with me on the bus!!
Love them--seen a couple more colors tooo--but---
Oh the bus driver would not let us back on the bus unless we purchased yarn--
at least I think that was the 'rule'!!!
then we took a local tour of the area for the all out of towners--
and we stopped at a large apple growers farm--
the jar is homemade apple butter--
the small skein of yarn was a gift from the farm lady!!
OH--and unfortunately--there was one more item missing???
an apple cider donut--YummmmmmmmY--

that evening this lady came for a demo and trunk show--
this is Laura Nelkin--she has done patterns in many of the knitting books and has a blog site--
Here is just a sampling of some of her designs--
she was great and funny--
I got the necklace kit from her and the pattern in the back--
and some more of her patterns later.

well that is day one and two of the tour--
stay tuned for Day 3--hopefully tomorrow!!!!
Hugs, to all, Di and Miss Gracie

Friday, September 16, 2011


we did all kinds  of things today--
we dyed yarn--
bought and ate Chocolate--
Played with farm animals--
and did a wine tasting!!!!!

see ya--one more real busy day ahead yet,
hugs, Di and that Miss Gracie

Thursday, September 15, 2011


So far I am having a great time--
and the other women are just great--
and big time knitters!!!
Went to a farm today--
they had lots of kinds of animals too!!!
only home on a two hour break--
then gotta go back for the evening fun!!!
Hugs, Di and miss gracie

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Yep--time for another adventure--
but first I gotta tell you--
I am so happy cause my computer and my printer made up--
yep they had been fighting and would not talk to each other--
but we are now at a 'peaceful' spot and they have decided to get along!!!!
(course we won't tell you that I had to re download the printer software first!!!)

Ok--on to the adventure--
I am going to be really busy from Wednesday afternoon until Saturday evening--
as I am on an adventure--
How will I travel this time???
By car--No not this time--
By plane--nope--not going that far away--
By train--ahhhh--wrong picture here--
By train--nope--
Ahh--by boat---nope--try again!!!
Humm--Di what is left????
A bus--are you going by bus????

Well--sorta--but I think the bus will be smaller than this one is--
I am doing our local Fingerlakes Fiber Tour--
that my Yarn shop is putting on--
we will start the 'adventure' at the shop at 5pm on Wednesday and it runs through to Saturday evening--
they have all kinds of mini trips to local fiber farms and shops in the area--
and on Saturday we will be going to the Hemlock Wool and Fiber Festival about an hour or so trip from here-----
so--first the 'bad' news--
I will not be on line until probably Sunday--
the good news is though--I am taking the big camera and promise to take alot of pictures, and will do post so you all can join me in the fun--is that ok???????

So be good while I am being 'busy' and when this trip is finished--
I promise to get back to quilting a whole lot more--
and I see that our weather here is suppose get colder by Thursday--
so maybe fall really is here and I will get down to 'brass tacks'!!!
but I am gonna miss summer and getting outside everyday!!!

Have fun this week--I will be thinking about you all--really I will!!!

PS--I will be sleeping in my own bed everynight--so I will be taking care of Miss Gracie--plus we have a 2 hour break each afternoon-- so I can still get my nap in and eat dinner here--!!!!!

Sunday, September 11, 2011


I got to walk in some sunshine today--
and oh it felt so good on my body and my mind and my soul!!!

I bought myself something mainly for the 'fun' of it--
No--it wasn't fabric--
No--no quilt toys--
No--Yarn or tools--
but this--
Would you believe this is a lamp--the center of the flowers --those are light blubs 
I just love it and this picture does not really show the true colors of it--
it is probably a 1950's lamp--have 'no' idea where I am going to put it--
but then that is half the fun--right????

I also got in two orders this past week--
here is order one--

yep--more fall fabric and the back one is Christmas!!!

then this is order two--
from Bird Brain Designs--
more--please tell me you did not buy 'more' felt Di????
and more patterns--what are you thinking????
what is that 'roll' of things at the top of the pile???
Oh those are little 'bubbles' that hold your ball of thread for your embroidery work!!!!
and exactly what are these sheets???
these are new that Bird Brain has done--
they have copied there embroidery patterns onto there trace paper for you--
now all I have to do is cut the designs apart--place them on the fabric after I take off the backing paper and start stitching--thank you Bird Brain for doing half the work for me!!!!
Ahhhhhh--Di when do you plan on stitching these 'babies' up--
in your sleep--
Oh I got it--
you are going to put that Miss Gracie to work!!!!!!!!

and the 'flower' picture for today--
this 'little' leaf!!!!!

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