Monday, September 5, 2011


First I actually did some sewing on the machine yesterday!!!
Oh you want pictures--
sorry--don't have any yet!!
I was having a real hard time with the new machine in getting that perfect quilter's 1/4 inch seams--
and I really need that for what I am doing--the good news is--I do have a pattern worked out for that last batch of fabric I showed you--sooooo--keep in touch!!!

And secondly--
I actually did do something 'fun' on a holiday!!!!
yep--I did--
and yes of course it meant spending money--
if you have no family available to have fun with on a holiday--
spending money is the next best thing!!!!!!!!!!
Now in order to have this 'fun' today I had to get up at 6:50 am to be ready by 7:30 am for my ride--
I made it!!!
My girl friend picked me up and we picked up two other friends and we drove about 30 miles north of here to an Amish Farmer's Market--The Windmill!!
and yes it was raining==but I must of grown up--
or maybe I am just a kid again????
but the rain and walking or shopping in it does not bother me--
in fact it makes the adventure more 'sweet'!!
Here is a few pictures of the market--
I know no one in these pictures--
see the food sign--we did eat lunch there--yummy!!
this is a very dog friendly market too!!!
Ok enough of that-- Di--we just want to see what you bought????
the first thing I bought was a 'mouse'--
she was $2--and ain't she 'cuttttteeeeee"????
then I bought--
a really good  spatula and a new paring knife--both were needed--
( If I decide to ever cook again!!!!)
and while thinking about cooking I found these flavored noodles!!!
and if there is fabric around somewhere's--guess who always seems to 'find' something she has to add to her 'stash'--!!!!!
And I may have found Hitty her bed--not sure yet--
will have to make a matteress and sheets and pillow and.......!!!!
there is a nice Corning ware booth up there--
I had decided that I wanted some new small plates to eat off--
and can you tell that I don't care to have them match--
it is fun each day to see which little plate is in the pile!!!
and this little bowl will be perfect for ice cream soup now won't it????
I was done and sitting in the van waiting on the "rest of the gang" when they came and said we where going to eat lunch and that on the way they had one more building to look through--
guess what that 'Di' found there--
a beautiful watch--
the handle is made from handles of silverware--
the pattern is called 'Adam' and it is from 1917--
now how 'cooooool' is that??????
after lunch we went about another mile north to an Amish bulk food store--
here are my goodies from there--
the two orange packages are actually 'carrot chips' and boy are they good--
got some new spices--mine are really old!!!
see I told you I was 'thinking' about maybe doing some cooking again!!!!!
and one last purchase from the Windmill-
is this coaster not cute??????
when I got home at 2 pm--I changed into my nightgown!!!!
so it's been a good day!!!
and here is hoping your day was 'good' also????
Hugs, Di and miss gracie


  1. My my you've been busy. I love your little mouse. And I almost bought a watch made from spoons yesterday! I meant to ask you earlier where you got your Hitty doll?

  2. Another successful trip for you, Di! Such interesting food and little objets d'art!

    Glad you made it back home and can rest.

    Carol (NJ)

  3. Hi! Greetings from Finland! Your Blog is Fantastic! Thank you very much for letting as to see it! I'll have to come again and again. Have a nice day! This computer-world is so new to me. My daughter made me also a Blog, I just should learn to use it. Have a nice day!

  4. I hope you bought Miss. Hitty that bed!!! Just perfect for her...The little quilt I am making for her will be darling for that bed!!!!

    Hugs, Carolyn

  5. Wow! Di, looks like you had a really great day out with your friends! I love the little watch you bought and the little bed for Hettie is just lovely too, I'm sure you'll pretty it up with some lovely mini bed linen!! Also love the Autumn tone fabric you bought, ummm! beautiful colours!!!!


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