Sunday, September 25, 2011


We had a perfect 'summer' day here--
blue skies--
slight breeze--
and almost to 80 degrees!!!!!

Now how can one stay inside and rest with all 'that' going on outside--
so I did go for a 'stroll' overtown--
did not take any work with me!!!

Did 'pop' in to the Quilt shop--to just check on a class--
they are going to work on Crazy quilts once a month and I am interested in that--have been for along time now!!!
Did 'pop' in at the Yarn shop--to check on a pattern--but the model was gone--
it is for a scarf that came in a kit and is new and I do believe they have the wrong size needles listed???  the gal who was working there today is also doing one and she also thinks the size is wrong--but we are knitting away just the same--so ours might take forever to get made!!!
Then 'popped' in and seen my friend at the Country shop--
and this is the only thing that came home with me!!!
Hummmm--not a very big bag--at that!!!
Lets see what's inside--
Oh my--dark chocolate homemade fudge--
but wait a minute--
Missss Gracieeeeeeeee---
I think we got a mouse in the house???
take another look--
Yep--there is definitely some 'teeth' marks on this corner--
with alittle of it gone!!!
so which one of your 'many' mice did this????
Maybe the one on the right--it looks like he has a dirty face to me!!!
What--Miss Gracie
Oh your mice don't like chocolate--
and those look like 'human' teeth marks to you!!!
Hey it is delicious what can Mom say!!!
and I knew you would only want me to bring home things that 'taste' really good!!!!!!!
Now I am confused here--
it was a perfect 'summer' day--
yet this is one of the trees in the back lot here by the lake--
and it looks like 'fall' to me!!!!!!!!!

Hugs, Mom and Miss Gracie


  1. Wonderful walk, charming story, deelish looking fudge!

    Have a beautiful week.
    TTFN ~

  2. Thanks for sharing your wonderful summer day, I love days like that too!! You had me fooled with the white paper bag, and I laughed when I saw that lonely piece of fudge!!! How could you stop at just one piece!!!!!

  3. Oh gorgeous foliage and flowers, Di! Thanks! MMMM, that fudge looks good! How could you stop at just one bite?! lol

    Carol (NJ)


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