Friday, September 23, 2011


By Me!!!
As it seems that my Mom is alittle over tired lately--
and is having a 'hard' time with the day to day 'stuff'
and I am sorry--but my food and water bowls come first!!!
and I have to let her rest a lot--
cause you see that nice full basket of my toys?????
I need Mom to be strong enough to throw those all over the apartment--
so I can run, jump, and catch them--
and then, I need Mom to be 'rested' enough to pick them all up again---
so she "we", can make the mess again the next evening!!!!!!!!!!

I think the Yarn tour was harder on Mom than she thought it would be--
but she will come around soon--I am sure!!!
even if I have to hide her wallet and the apartment keys!!!

She says she hopes you are all doing well--
and by the way she did do some sewing the other day--
so there is still 'hopes' for her--or there was---
until I seen here making those 'knots' in yarn on a couple pairs of needles--
I just wished 'she' would let "me" help her with those projects!!!!!!!!!

Hugs, from us--Mom and me--Miss Gracie


  1. Nice to hear from you Miss Gracie!!
    I bet it got awful lonely all day by yourself while your Mum was out galavanting around playing with wool!!! But she's home now and after a big nap she'll be back to her old self again and making a fuss of you!! I hope you both have a lovely relaxing weekend!!!

  2. Miss Gracie you take extra good care of your mom. Let her get plenty of rest. I know, I know, she was a party animal and is paying for it now, but she still needs some rest.
    xx, auntie shell

  3. Well, Miss Gracie, you just curl up in her lap and make her stay put for a while and mum'll feel much better and ready to play. And helping her knit will be much more fun than the toys in your basket - can't understand that you aren't allowed to help!
    Enjoy your weekend - both of you!

  4. I was worried the yarn tour was going to take it's toll on you. Hope your energy comes back soon.

  5. Cute post Miss Gracie---you take care of your mom! Miss Abbie sends her love too! P.S. look for a little package for Hitty in your mail box that might cheer up your sweet mom!

    Hugs, Carolyn

  6. Thanks for the update on mom, Miss Gracie! Sounds like she "partied hearty"! I bet you are thrilled she's home now. Curl up with her and let her know just how much you missed her.

    Carol (NJ)


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