Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Well--I did get the Fall decorations out--
and here how they are being shown for the year of 2011--
these two items--the Indian doll and crow--
I made several years ago-
all the counted cross stitches here I have done==
and the wool mat with the pumpkins and scarecrows--
Under the baskets and the quilt is my room a/c!!!!!!
Can you see "who" is looking out the window???
Doesn't she look like a black kitty-?????
So how did I do--I did have alittle help from my Anne's daughter, Kathy--
she is helping with some of the heavier housework right now--
and decorating is diffidently 'heavy'!!!!!
The pillow on the couch is one of Shell's patterns at the--
in fact she was looking for it--hummm--
sorry Shell--it was me you gave it tooooooo--thanks again!!!!!

It was another beautiful fall day here==
in the 70's and sunny--so my Anne and I went to lunch at the Restaurant down by the lake--
we took a long lunch and sat there and watched the sail boats, ducks and birds!!

Well you all keep busy now--
see ya soon--
Hugs, Di and her sweet miss Gracie


  1. I love all your cute dolls! Can you come decorate my house now??

  2. hey Di
    How is your TTS going???

    lots of lovely decorations in this post.....

  3. Well done - looks like a major effort but you're looking very autumnal now!

  4. Wow, Di, you have been BUSY! I love all your handmade decorations. Very colorful!

    Carol (NJ)

  5. I love your photos and decor, everything looks great! Happy Fall from an autumn-lover.

  6. You did a great job with your decorating, Di! I love all your wall hangings. The pillow is just beautiful. Miss Gracie does look like a black cat back there! xo Jen

  7. GREAT decorations! I just LOVE the 'Spooky' wall hanging!

  8. Di...your house makes me feel so cozy and happy! I love all your treasures. I remembered you had the pillow and I'm oh so happy you do! :)
    Love ya and Miss Gracie kitty too!
    xx, shell

  9. Love your fall decor! Are you coming to Houston for the big quilt show?

  10. Lovely Fall decorations, looks very cosy!!!!


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