Saturday, October 15, 2011


was in the sewing room for most of today--
yep-- again!!!
but she said that I can not show you yet--
she can be such a 'meany' at times--
but here is a couple hints--

It might have something to do with these--
and something about "Chookyblue" and getting the whip out--
and that Mom doesn't like 'pain' so she best ----get busy!!!
and I know she tried to get it all done today--
So == time will tell here what has become of these blocks 
and some more just like them!!!!

In the meantime--
to all Mom's blog friends--
Have a happy Sunday--

Hugs, and purrs from Miss Gracie and her Mom!!!!


  1. tell Mom Chookblue is so very happy to see there is progress on the Tis the Season quilt.........hope Mom shares her progress with the SAL blog too........tell Mom the girls would love to see what she has done so far.......

    Shhh secretly make sure she stays on the job.......keep her on task.......

  2. Poor Miss Gracie, being left to fend for herself! Boring mum! Have you tried to help with her knitting?
    Looking forward to seeing what has become of the blocks.

  3. Dear Miss Gracie, I see that you have been left to do the blogging yet again LOL!!! I'm sure we are all in anticipation to see what she does with those sweet little blocks!!!


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