Monday, October 17, 2011


Look here--
Opps--I am looking the wrong way!!!!
Ahhh--this is better--
I had to try out this bright and cheery quilt before I would let 'Mom" show it to you--
and I kinda like this one!!!???
Of course she had to 'cheat' a little--
she did a fancy stitch on the sewing machine for the quilting--
instead of her usual hand quilting--
but she wanted it finished 'this' year not 3 years from now!!!!
Her new pink brothers sewing machine has nearly 30 different fancy stitches--
so now she says she may just have to do this more often to some of her quilts--
it did go fairly fast--I do have to say that for her!!!
and now she can go on with Chookyblues next SAL--
seeing as how she got the book early this summer, not realizing it would be the next SAL--
this way she knows it will get made---(hopefully--Chookyblue--don't put that 'whip' away--
Mom may need you to get out again!!!!!)

Well--this job is fun--
but it is my 'nap' time and then it will be my 'play' time with Mom--
so gotta go for now!!!
Have a great day--you all!!!

Hugs and smiles--from Miss Gracie and mom!!!!


  1. What!?!? Di stitched? I was worried that she'd never come back to us once she started her love affair with knitting. Beautiful quilt! Is it yours, Miss Gracie?

  2. What a sweet kitty!! She reminds me of my Roxie. :) Our fur babies love to get into our stuff don't they? Cheers

  3. Great finish on the Christmas quilt!! I think these seasonal quilts look great with a bit of extra embellishment/fancy stitching!!

  4. The quilt is lovely! And miss Gracie looks so good on it :-)

  5. Looking good!! That's a delightful quilt - and finished in plenty of time for Christmas :-)

  6. OMG that whip cracking great.......really the machine quilting will be fine for the month or so that this is hanging........looks great........welldone.....thanks for being part of the SAL.......

    Now you can move onto the next SAL.........and i'll pop the whip away until after christmas..........

  7. Great job Di! Way to go Miss Gracie for keeping mom on track!

  8. O what a beautiful quilt!


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