Tuesday, November 22, 2011


First I did get the first 'redwork' angel stocking all stitched--
this was the one that came already 'preprinted' on sticky backed paper--
then you just put it in warm water and the sticky stuff disappeared--
and it did--was great--
but I did panic alittle--
as my red thread turned a dark deep red--
luckily as it dried, it turned back into the right shade of red!!!
Here she is all dried and ironed--!!!!!
and I got the next one traced off that I am doing--
actually I am glad that the second one did not come already done on that "papery stuff"
as it really had toooo much detail in her--
and I was able to not add some of it and make her more 'country' looking to go with this one--
wait until you see her!!!!!

And now a nice Drum roll please!!!!

Look what I finished up today?????
My Gardner's Journal quilt ----
it is all hand quilted and the binding is even all done--
she is ready to be 'cuddled' and loved--
thanks to Chookyblue's whip!!!!!!!!!!!

Have worked on a couple other things--
but no big finishes yet!!!
Yesterday was a 'run around' day--so no sewing got done--
and as for knitting--
did have a class yesterday afternoon (Monday)--
but did alot of unknitting there!!!!!!

Well--tomorrow is the day before the big 'feast' day--
are you all ready?????
Have safe travels if you are traveling--
Hugs, Di and her loving kitty!!!
PS she loves to get my 'goat'!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Beautiful red angel stitchery! Very neat,nicely done!
    Oh! do love your Gardener's Journal quilt!! You should be very proud, it looks great, well done!!!!

  2. cute stitchery.........so wonderful to see your GJ finished...........great work.........thanks for being part of the SAL.......

  3. Love them all Di, especially the GJ quilt.


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