Thursday, November 24, 2011


But first I want to say I am thankful for ---
my 'fur' ball---
she does make life interesting sometimes and she does love me!!!!
I am also very thankful for  each and every blogger who reads my blog--

I could 'smell' all those turkeys baking in your ovens today--
and I just had to join in and do one tooooooo!!!!!
See I told ya!!!!
This is suppose to be a table runner by Eleanor Burns--
and I have been wanting to make it for awhile now--
just no time--but this afternoon I made it into the sewing room and built me 'two' turkey blocks--
this one has the applique done on it--the second doesn't yet--
but as I was appliqueing on this block--I got to thinking about doing it as a small wall hanging--
instead--???????  and I could make 2 wall hangings or give the second one away---
Know anyone who would want a turkey block?????

before the 'free' thanksgiving dinner arrived here--
in the Styrofoam container-- !!
I made a mitten--
Yep--it fits my thumb!!!!!
actually it is suppose to fit a wood shaped mitten that is on a key ring--
only this came out even smaller--go figure!!!!
But got lots of yarn and time--
so back to the 'drawing board' I will go!!!!

Well to all of those who are going or have went to Black Friday sales--
be safe--and don't spend all your money in one place!!!!

Hugs, Di and Miss Gracie


Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Your turkey block is adorable! I think it would be perfect as a wall hanging. And you know, if you wanted to share the other one, well, I don't have a turkey wall hanging ;-)

sunny said...

Yummy turkey! And zero calories - what a way to go. I don't have a turkey wall hanging either . . . Glad you had a good day.

Merilyn said...

That turkey block really is quite creative! I stared at it for a while to see how it was put together, very nice!!!
We don't have Thanksgiving here Downunder, but I hope your day was a good one!!!

Maria said...

Love the Calorie Free Turkey. Great block.
Hope you had the best Thanksgiving.

Cardygirl said...

Love the turkey block...I love seeing all Thanksgiving related sewing & decorating...would be nice to travel to the US one year & see it!

Carol said...

Di, so glad you had a good Thanksgiving. I just ADORE your turkey wall hanging. It’s so cute! That tiny mitten is cute too! Maybe it will fit your newest doll? Lol

Carol (NJ)

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