Sunday, November 13, 2011


I have been keeping busy--
lets see though-- what have I done???
Oh--did go to the sewing room on Saturday--
and I did work on these--for the SAL--
We are suppose to have 5 blocks done by Dec first--
so I  got the first 5 ready for the applique parts any ways--
did get one block all appliqued--
my goal is to do at least one block of the applique each day this week--
we will see---sometimes things don't go the way 'Di' thinks they should!!!!

And I have a finish--
the frog wall hanging is all quilted and the binding is on it--
this was on the UFO page in January--
and I am shamed to say--
I am not sure if anything else has gotten done from that page--
will have to take a closer look later and let you know--????

I found this plate at Walmart on Friday for $2.98--
I just love it--wonder why????
and on Friday I got this cook book for half price at a shop that is going out of business--
they have alot more titles--but this is the only one that seemed to actually have recipes that I would make!!!!

To day I did do some more hand quilting on the Gardner's Journal--
and got threads ready for another fall counted cross stitch--
but mostly I reorganized some of the things that I already organized!!!!
why do we always have to reorganize our reorganization?????
this was actually in the sewing room too--feels better in there--
just had too much there--
and boy oh boy does that 'Di' need to do some sewing--
she's got way too much fabric and stuff!!!!!
Well--am off for now--
there is an update of the knitting and crochet projects on the other 'station' for you to see!!!
yep been busy!!!

Have yourself some sewing time tomorrow--
Hugs, Di and a silly kitty!!!!!


  1. good start to the SKoW SAL......glad to hear the GJ quilting is happening........

  2. Di, I’m glad to see you aren’t growing moss under your feet! Nice projects! That froggy wall hanging is so striking! Is it to be a gift for someone? Cute plate too. Let me know when you try a recipe out of your new cookbook. It looks interesting!

    Carol (NJ)

  3. You are so diversified! Cooking, quilting and knitting! All of them are "comfort foods" aren't they? Now we need to see what you make with your new book!

  4. Love the froggie quilt, just too darn cute!!!!! What a beautiful plate, perfect to display!!!! Nice to see you have been keeping busy!!! Have a great week!!!

  5. Hi Di! You have been busy, I love the frogs! The appliques looks beautiful too. I bought the same plate at Walmart today! You know I love Gooseberry Patch...enjoy your cookbook! xo Jen

  6. it's the end of the month for each deadline for the end of Dec for the first section not the 1st............

  7. You are working wonders with your fabric. Love all the blocks. And as for that bird plate - I better get myself to WalMart quick! I think I NEED one of those. LOL!!


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