Saturday, November 26, 2011


that--was on the 'bill' for today!!!
I have gotten the middle row--4 blocks of--
this quilt hand quilted so far--
am doing a simple design--so it is going fairly fast!!!

Then I did some house work--
yep--I do do it--now and then!!!!!

Then I baked some cookies--
and just look at the art work on each one---
aren't I gooood!!!!!!!!lol
took these down for the afternoon ladies to enjoy!

While I was baking the cookies--
I got out my Christmas fabrics to sort and see just what I did have this year to work with--
Here is some 'eye' candy for you--

these photo's are close ups of the pile on the bed--
some odds and ends of greens and blues--
the neutrals and reds are in plastic containers on the bed!!
these are border prints for that 60 degree ruler everybody was using last year--
got the ruler and some fabric--but???????
Maybe this year!!!!!

these 2 photos are of a pile of panels I have and want to do --
As I was finding and stacking some fall decorations on the table--I saw--
something "moving" in my wood bowl of pods, and dried items that I had gotten this summer in NH--
so I decided to do some 'detective' work--
and low and behold===
I found me some 'unwanted' bugs crawling around in there--
SO--we took the bowl to the kitchen and emptied it's contains into a plastic bag and tied it up real tight and washed out the bowl good with soap and water--
needless to say==I was surprised--
I had thought that 'stuff' would of been sprayed good or something????
Oh well--I was tired of it anyways--
and now it is "one" less thing to clean around or find a new home for!!!!!!!

And I did do some knitting on a baby sweater late this afternoon--
and now here I am--
sharing some time with all you 'great' and 'wonderful' bloggers--
Hope your day was as fulfilling as mine was!!!
Hugs, Di and that 'cat'!!!


  1. What is the pattern of the quilt in the first picture? Very cute. You certainly have a lot of Christmas fabric. You better get busy using some of it. LOL! I decided I didn't have enough, so I added a little more to my collection today, during Small Business Saturday. What better small business to support than my LQS???

  2. To of a kind -- you and I --- Love your hearts of Lynett`s Scandinavian Snowball Fun!! Mine is abit like yours;gone to the LongarmQuilter today(check my header for the time being.) Love all your Christmas stuff; The big Season is soon everywhere;enjoy days ahead!

  3. Love what you have done with the Scandinavian Christmas - you had me fooled for a while thinking you had done lots of matching stitcheries! I have borrowed the appliqué idea (thank you!) for a little project I am working on where I didn't have the feature print needed for the block - I'm doing a fussy cut appliqué instead. Your pile of fabric is impressive - have fun burrowing!!

  4. What a wonderful collection of Christmas fabric!!! Good to see you got some relaxing handquilting into your schedule! Give that Miss Gracie a little cuddle for me!!!


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