Saturday, November 5, 2011


It is time for some of us to--
to be making our Thanksgiving dinner food list!!

It is time for some of us to----
to start those lists of  'who' was naughty or nice--

It is time for some of us to--
make our Holiday travel plans!!

It is time for some of us to--
start collecting the 'supplies' we need to make those gifts--that are on our lists!!!

And Miss Gracie says--
that it is time to--
Change our clocks--
and we need to 'fall' back an hour!!!
She thinks she will use that hour for an extra 'nap'!!!!
How are you going to use your 'extra' hour?????

Hugs, from the 'nappers'!!!


  1. Finish framing the birth announcement for our new grandson!

    Carol (NJ)

  2. Thanks for the reminder Di and Miss Gracie!!! I just got on line and saw your new post regardng Thanksgiving and lists! I will go change our clocks--- now! I think we will go to church super early and after go out for breakfast!!!Then we might take a lovely ride out in the country!


  3. Oh dear, it really is time to be making all those lists. I did get my clocks changed. Wish we could just leave time set one way or the other. Enjoy that extra hour. Nola

  4. Hello Di! Love the monkey background. :-) I will spend the extra time doing some Christmas shopping with my kids later! Have a wonderful day! ~Jen~


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