Friday, November 25, 2011


I was working hard here at home and never spent even a thin dime!!!!
Not even on the Internet!!!!!

Last night before I went to bed and then again in the middle night when I was up for awhile--
I got 2 more little mittens knitted up--
these two do fit the wood key chain--
but my favorite is still that little 'blue' one!!!

And --
are you ready--
I got another 'ufo' finished--
this is the new one to go with the new set of wall hangings for outside my apartment door--
I made another one last year--and donated it to the Library--
then I missed it so did one for me--but it did not get hand quilted until this year!!!!

And while I was in the sewing room sewing on the binding for Sunbonnet Sue, here, I also got two other quilts ready to hand quilt--
the first one is one I did a month or so ago--
with one of the new Christmas lines for this year--
I have only 'pinned' it--
will try to quilt it that way--but If I have problems I will baste it and get rid of the pins!!!!

And I got this one 'pinned'--
remember this one--it has taken me two Christmas seasons to do all the work on the top--
lots of hand applique on this one--it may take all month to just do the hand quilting on this one!!!!

Now for some more Turkey news--
these 'Turkeys' grow on you--so be careful--
Here is the pattern--
the main tail feather on the turkey and on the leaf--take a new E.B.'s ruler--
but everything went well with making the blocks--except for the color choices of fabric and that is my problem at times--colors!!
Well remember I did get one all done yesterday--
I kept looking at him and the more I looked at him--
the more I fell in love with him--

so while the threads for the applique pieces where still out--
I did the second one!!!
Still not sure how I want to finish them off--
but--I have decided they will be put away until next year--
and who knows--maybe there will be babies next fall when I get them out!!!!!!!!

And here is how 'wore out' Miss Gracie got today just watching me--
Welllllll--she did chase my 'toes' under the bed where I was pinning the quilt tops and she did follow me from room to room to keep an eye on me--
I mean -- she would not want to miss anything!!!!

Don't forget to get alittle 'extra' rest this week end--
cause from then on it is 'full steam' ahead for the next holiday!!!!!
Hugs, Di and her ball of fur!!!!


  1. Not one thin dime? Not even on the internet? Now that's some kind of willpower. Actually, I can say the same thing. I stayed home and sewed all day. Have to get those international gifts ready to mail! Glad you got a lot done, too!

  2. Love the door hanging quilt! A very nice idea!!! You have been rather industrious, and that Miss Gracie is just plain tuckered out LOL!!! My goodness she looks so comfy on that quilt!!!! I wasn't so good on your Black Friday, did buy 4 quilting books from Martingale, they are having a 50% off sale. One is for a friend,...that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it LOL!!.....

  3. Oh my goodness, you WERE busy!! Love it all. I didn't go shopping either, but stayed home and sewed my day away, as well, taking care of a few gifts for the little ones! I'm loving that turkey block!!

  4. Di, you have outdone yourself! I really adore those turkey blocks. So cute! And I hope you take a picture of the Christmas decoration for your door when you hang it. It’s beautiful! Good luck quilting the quilt that’s pinned. It looks like a beauty too!

    Miss Gracie sure knows how to demonstrate “relaxation”! lol

    Carol (NJ)

  5. All I can say is WOW! You really got a lot done. Good for you, and good for you for not spending. Don't worry, I made up your share here at home. I did get the yardwork finished up yesterday, so I'm all ready for old man winter. Can you please tell me what you used for the snowflakes in the Christmas quilt? I am assuming it is a die cut snowflake as it is so intricate. I love it. I'm hoping it is a die I already have, I'm going to look right now! Or else one that I can pick up at the store today because I have some winter themed quilts I am working on! Thanks for sharing,

  6. I am new to your site (from notjustnat's blog list) I just love your work--that door hanging is so lovely--Thanks for sharing Julierose


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