Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I am hearing you--
and am hearing that you are 'saying' the same things that I have been saying for the last couple of weeks--
It is "Tis the Season" for partying, and playing, and shopping, and baking--
not for trying to get a whole years worth of Christmas sewing and gifts made!!!

SO--here is the plan---
I had already come up with a plan for me for next year--
and a couple others I have mentioned it to-
have also liked the idea--
so I am opening this gift--
so that everyone can share it!!!
so that next year--2012 at the beginning of December you can go to your closet and--
find a whole big Santa bag filled with all the gifts you have made through out the year!!!

Here's the rules--
Oh wait--there is no real rules--
bet that makes you feel better????
Here is my plan--
every month--starting in January 2012 I plan to be come a Christmas stitcher for 3 days--
the three days I have picked are the "24th, 25th, & 26th" of each and every month--
so it will seem like Christmas every month at the same time--may even save out a some Christmas music to play during those 3 days!!

I am going to take a pretty basket, tote or something to hold these 'wanna' make projects and the projects that are in the making yet--and then something to store the finished ones in for next years gifts (or to display)!!
I realize that 3 days times 11 months is only 33 days of sewing--but--maybe that '33' days will make a big difference for next year--will let you know next year!!!
So who would like to join this 'challenge' for 2012--
you can pick other dates each month if necessary --
and what other suggestions might you add to this????
Oh---Ok--no more sleeping on the idea--
time for some action here!!!!
The projects can be ufo's or new ones or just some Christmas things that each year you have wanted to make--yet there is never enough time!!!
Hugs, Di and Miss Gracie---
PS don't forget to save (or buy) and put away some--
Christmas chocolate--or candy canes--make it a real Christmas party each month!!!


  1. What a great idea! I've already seen a couple of gift items for next year, and if I wait until November or December, I would forget. The dates sound perfect for me, too. Sign me up.

  2. I’m a day behind doing my blog reading so I just read about your fire! Wow! Glad everyone is okay with not too much damage.

    Now onto today’s posting…I like your idea, Di. I just wish I could make myself available each month for THREE WHOLE days to sew! I just don’t have my own life anymore, between going out to mom’s and babysitting our grandson periodically and after June watching the other grandchild. What a life I have, eh? ;-)

    Perhaps my 3 days don’t have to be consecutive? Then I could join you! What do you think?

    Carol (NJ)

  3. That sounds like a great idea...take a little stress out of the end of the year...I'll only be able to stitch at night after work but even then that would give me something to focus on...

  4. I agree, it is a great idea! Each Christmas just creeps up and then jumps on you!! That means too that I get my Christmas stash a little more organised, bit by bit, ummm!! that could help!
    I hope you will send out reminders Di, because you know that some of us can be a little forgetful LOL!!!!
    I'll be looking out for some Christmas fabric sales at the beginning of the New Year, that should be get me enthused!
    Give that Miss Gracie a big Christmas hug from me!

  5. I'm in! I have sooo much Christmas fabric that hasn't been used this year! And I always have great ideas during the year that somehow disappear from my brain the closer December gets!
    Hugs to you girl for a great idea ... and one for miss Gracie for being a darling.

  6. Oh Di that sounds like a great idea!! I am always rushing to get Christmas gifts done on time. Maybe this will help. Please count me in.

  7. I love your idea. I was wanting to do something like that--- as I looked around my sewing room this morning and saw the unfinished Halloween through Christmas projects that are waiting! I'm in and I like your dates too. (and an excuse to play Christmas music)hehe

  8. You find more cute clip art than any other blogger!

  9. Hi Di,Count me in, please, unless far too late?? The January X-mas tree is stitched,almost according to your dates,still working on February,and already planning on March :-) Thanks!


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