Tuesday, December 13, 2011


for me getting into the sewing room--
and you will never guess what it is---
First on Monday morning--
I did get alittle hand quilting done--
then had to do this---
you know that Miss Gracie has to have her dark chocolate!!!
OH--it's the human 'who' has to have that--Ok--you caught me!!
the plan for the afternoon was to lock myself into the sewing room---
right after lunch and going down to get the mail--
our fire alarm went off--
and we are told that we must evacuate as there is a real 'fire' in one of the apartments--
so I went to help my Anne's mother get downstairs on one of the chair lifts--
and in zoomed the trucks--
they did hook up the water hoses and such and we ended up with 4 fire company's here--
lots of smoke==but no real damage to the lady's apartment--her cooking pan caught on fire I guess--
but we were out of our apartments for over an hour this time--
so that ended the sewing for Monday--
rest of the day was just the regular stuff of live again!!!

Now today--
As it is Tuesday was my Anne's day to come for the morning--
we did quilt for a couple hours--
then we went to the drug store as they had my Toilet tissue on sale and I had 2 really good coupons--
so I now have some "tiddy paper"--so if we get snowed in this winter I am all set!!!!!!
Came back here and waited for Anne's daughter to get off work at 1:00--
then Anne, her daughter, her mother and I went to our Mr. Chickens for lunch--
I also brought home 2 whole cooked chickens to debone and cut up and freeze for eating later--
as they close this Sat until Feb 1st.
Then it was time to go and do some labor --
taking care of this--
and that took up the rest of my afternoon--
so NO sewing again today--

and the bad thing is that the 'clock' is still ticking on the count down to Christmas--
where is the 11 1/2 months I always tell people we have to get ready for this holiday--
I am soooo not prepared this year!!!
Oh well--maybe I will do gifts in January--that way the post office workers will still have some work to do and can keep their jobs--
besides you all get so much this time of year it will give you all something to look forward to--
by the way---
do you think you are on Santa's list and why or why not????????????

and her human--Di--
PS this is not actually Miss Gracie==but does look some like her!!!


  1. Wow! Glad everyone is ok. In a blink Christmas will be here & gone ... where did the year go.

    Merry Christmas
    TTFN ~

  2. I'm glad your fire wasn't anything serious! I swear I'm going to start on next Christmas on Jan 2. Really, I am. No..really!

  3. Sounds like you had a little scare with the fire. So glad it didn't turn out to be serious and that you were able to get back into your home.
    Can you believe how fast Christmas has come. I always think I have all this time and then find I must have wasted a lot of it. January goal: start Christmas NOW. Have a good day. Nola

  4. Oh dear! Fire alarms & fire trucks just have a way of messing up one's schedule LOL!!! Glad to hear things weren't too bad after all that!
    Yes, Christmas has really crept up rather suddenly this year, I still have some stuff to do.......
    Have a great week!


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