Friday, December 9, 2011


Now you can only get one of these bags--
as your budget and (waist) say sooooo---
so which one and why??????

Bag #1
The new Pretzel m&m's--

Bag #2---
the new cool mint m&m's---

Bag # 3--
a Lady's special dark m&m's---

Bag #4

a little protein with your m&m's---

Bag #5--

Or the nutty kind--Peanut m&m's--

Bag #  6--
The first kind--Milk chocolate, m&m's--

so many choices!!!!
Tell me your favorite and what you think mine is--
(it might surprise you!!!)
and yes, I do promise a prize or two this time--
(you get to come here and help me get into the Christmas spirit--
by cleaning, decorating, and baking cookies for me--
ahhhh--with me!!!!)
From the new 'crazy' Di and--
'silly' Miss Gracie!!


  1. I like snacking on Peanut M&M's sometimes, but my very favorite is just the old plain M's. I like to eat them when I drinking a hot beverage, and let them get all melty in my nouth before I chew them up. I think you like the plain ones for the same reason.

  2. I like munching on anything chocolate, but my favorite is the dark chocolate. It used to be so hard to find, and I always treasured the dark chocolate little bars from the Hershey mixed bags. (Darn, I can't remember the name of those little candies!)

  3. I think I have to vote for the original M&M's. I heard that one type now has cinnamon flavor. That does not even sound good to me.

  4. I think you like the plain ole M & M ones. I love the Almond M & M s. You didn't show those.

  5. I like M&M's anyways! But here in Australia we just have the plain milk chocolate ones. Now, I was fortunate enough to be given a packet of American Peanut Butter flavoured ones this past year and although I thought they may taste weird, I actually loved them!!! So I'd have to go for the Peanut Butter ones again LOL!
    I think you like the dark chocolate ones!!!?

  6. I haven't tried some of them, didn't even know about the pretzel ones...I think I prefer the classic plains and the nuts, altho I prolly would eat all of them. ;D
    I mean, have I yet met a chocolate candy I didn't like? Actually, yes I have...anything with coconut I do not eat.

  7. I like the peanut M&Ms but my favorites have to be the plain ones. Yum!!

  8. My goodness, I haven’t seen all those flavors! I think I like the milk choc. Ones the best, although I haven’t tasted mint ones or pb ones. I think your fav must be the dark choc. ones.

    What, no sewing today?!

    HUGS to you and Miss G.

    Carol (NJ)

    PS I think it would be fun to spend the day with you even though it would be cleaning mixed with decorating and baking! ;-)

  9. As Merilyn said, we only get the plain ones in Aust but I have tried the pretzel ones recently when one of our girls at work went home to the States for a wedding. Loved them but my favourite would be the mint. I think you would like the dark chocolate ones. Fun post. Tracee xx

  10. Peanut for me alothough I wouldnt say no to any of them except maybe the Mint.


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