Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Looky here at what I did today--
I have wanted to work on this since I found the pattern and bought it in Nov.
and I finally made it to the sewing room today--
and now all the wool pieces are ready for me to start stitching--
Now don't get toooo excited--
It doesn't mean that I will get it done--this year!!!!!!
But one can still 'hope'!!

Now for the rest of the story--
When I have been shopping on the internet or even over at the Quilt shop --
I keep seeing patterns for the wool projects that I want to make--
several times lately--I have nearly purchased one or two of them--
when I was finding the wool pieces for today's project, 
I opened one drawer in the unit that holds the wool--
and look at what I found--
The one with the circles--nearly bought that on Monday--again!!
Almost rebought the rabbit one last week on line!!
the chicks and the daisy one I nearly bought last week--
I knew I had some patterns in the back of the basket for my wool--
but had totally forgotten there was a whole drawer of patterns!!!!
Here's a couple pictures of my wool stash--
and there is a couple more drawers in this plastic unit that holds more wool--
so now I have patterns, wool, and even special wool threads--
No goodies in the mail today--but did find this in the mail box outside my door today--
Ahhh--Santa was a little 'fatter' too, when I first found him--
cause he is filled with fresh homemade cookies!!!Yummm!!!
and the other project that I worked on for the last couple of days are these--
Discovered that I needed a couple more gifts--
then what else is new???
and that is why I am doing the "Christmas Club"--
so that I don't have this 'issue' next year!!!
In fact I collected all the cotton yarn that I have and it is in a Christmas bag now by my chair--
and I plan--no, really, I plan to keep knitting dishclothes for next year and use up all that yarn--
no buying of any more either ==until all of this is gone--oh stop laughing at me!!!

Hugs, Di and her fur baby--Miss Gracie


  1. Oh that is hilarious! I have done the same thing. Buy something to find that I already have it!!! Sounds just like me!!! Merry Christmas!

  2. I am definitely going to try to organize my workroom during the hols. :-) And I am going to write wisps on a list and start finishing them .... and I'm going to ....
    and just think of all the new projects we can start, Di!!!
    Big hugs!

  3. That is quite funny Di!!!, at least you know you have good taste (wanting to buy the same patterns again LOL!!!) I think you better find some time to take an inventory too Di in the New Year!!! LOL!!! Happy Christmas!


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