Sunday, January 29, 2012


Was I suppose to sew today????
Oh that's good--but why No--thought we sewed everyday--
Oh cause it was Sunday--we can take a day off if we want to play!!!
Oh I played alright--
and I started Saturday night and workedplayed all day today and will have to continue this workplay tomorrow--
Yep--I played with fabric  alllll day!!!
Last year I had send for those boards that you wrap your fabric around to put on your shelves--
well--Miss Gracie would not do it, and the fabric organizing fairies did not show up--

So it was left to me!!!!!
at one point today this was my bed!!!!
see the boards????
the second shelf is what I did last night--
these are all fabrics that go with charm packs, jelly rolls, and layer cakes or came as sets--
shelf is too full--hummmm!!!!
On the top shelf I had the pink baskets with color selections of fabrics in them--
I use these smaller pieces for applique mostly--so decided to put them in the bottom cupboard-

there is doors on this part of the unit--so they will be out of sight--
and it is now alittle fuller than when I took this picture--
and down here had been pretty much the fabric that is on the bed and a whole more of the fabric you did not  see on the bed--
and oh what fun I had going through all those fabrics--
they are mostly on the top two shelves now==don't those boards look so nice up there--
and I can see each fabric clearly now--I also measured each piece and wrote that on the board--
Now I do see a --no make that '2' big mess's yet and that is tomorrow's work--
the Civil war shelf and the wool stack--
think I am going to move the pre-cuts to the civil war shelf and them to that shelf--as I really want to do some sewing with them sometime soon--as that stack of books under the civil war prints are all on civil war quilts!!!!!  You won't tell anyone will you?????

Well--I must go--I have not done any counted cross stitch yet today--and I am aiming to do some everyday this month--a new record for me!!!

Hugs, Di and that cat--Miss Gracie
I see she  was messing around with my computer yesterday--
about time she earned some of that cat food she eats!!!!


  1. Holy cow you have a lot of fabric. Now let's start using it now that it's all organized and pretty.

  2. WOW!!!! Well done woman!
    Now can you come here and help me?

  3. It sure makes a BIG difference when everything is neatly displayed, doesn't it? Good for you, Di!

    I was working on my x-stitch all weekend and am almost finished with all the crosses and can start the outlining.

    Miss Gracie, you supervise momma VERY well!

    HUGS to you both,
    Carol (NJ)

  4. OMGoodnes .....What a lot of fabrics you have DI.I am coming to your shop when I need fabric.. They do looks better on your boards.


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