Monday, January 30, 2012


Spent part of the day again working on redoing my fabric cupboard--
and here is today's results--
Now we are talking--
I can finally seeeee and finddddd the fabrics I want--
or what might look great in a quilt and I would of not found it in the mess before!!!
I found alot of surprises when I was sorting and rolling away--
and I have to get busy as there is so many yummy fabric collections just waiting there turn to get sewed into something speculator---
Maybe next week I will have more time to sew!!!
Ahhh, but then some of Feb bom's will be out and the cycle starts alllllll
over again!!!

Before I went back to work on the shelves--
I did get this off the worktable out here--
we are now all basted and set on top of the pile--
Ph--just the top 2 here need to be hand quilted yet--
the rest of the pile on this chair and another chair just like it are all ready hand quilted!!!!

We did get a small snow storm last night.
but most of it is gone--though they say we might get more tonight--
but then the temp for tomorrow is suppose to be near 50 degrees--
go figure!!!!!

I did start a new counted cross stitch--
Shhhhhh--I know that I still have '12' starts for the Crazy challenge yet!!!!
Can you guess what this will be?????

I did have a friend stop in this afternoon for an hour visit and that was nice to catch up on everything--
Well--this 'chick' is really tired tonight for some reason--
so she needs to go--
and if I know her-- it will be to her rocking chair and to knit!!!
Knit--yep--I have been working on something all month with the knitting needles--
will show you in a day or two!!!

Hugs, Di and a 'goofy' Miss Gracie


  1. You have been busy! Doesn't it feel good to get things organized? Your fabric cupboard looks great! What do you have your fabric wrapped on? You certainly should be tired this evening. You deserve a good book, a cup of hot chocolate and a comfy blanket to wrap up in. Nola

  2. I am impressed with all your tidying up and you seem to be getting quite a bit of sewing done too!!! Haven't the foggiest what the cross-stitch is going to be LOL!! I'll find out in due course!!

  3. You are just a whirlwind of activity!! Looks good in your fabric area!
    Hope you did not get snowed in!

  4. It's looking good!! You are so organized that projects will just be jumping out of the closet half finished.
    Could that be a snowman growing from the cross stitch?
    Get some rest!


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