Wednesday, January 4, 2012


When I was up in the night==
as I could not sleep--
it was a whole 2 degrees here--
now today it got to 22-but it still feels like '2' to me!!!!!

 Well--I did get some work done today--
and in the sewing room--
My houses are all cut and ready to sew--
I was teaching Miss Gracie how to run the sewing machine today--
or rather I tried--
she just gave me 'the' look and ran under the bed!!!!!!!!!

Also worked on getting these ready--
they are from the same line as the fabrics for the Full Houses--
figured I might as well work on these while I have that line of fabric out--

I am declaring January 14th --a Saturday as--
PFV day--can anyone guess what this is for?????
be sure to tune in tomorrow for the details!!!!!!!
Your gonna love it!!!!!!!

Be good and sew--
If need be--start a new project to get your sewing self started--
then go back and work on those ufo's--they will still be there!!!!

And I don't think that Miss Gracie has any thing to worry about--
she has her 'Mom' fully trained and her schedule is set--
and if mom, should get busy and forget the time--
that Miss Gracie knows just how to get her attention---
Right Miss gracie----
Right, Mom!!!!!

Hugs, Di and that darn cat!!!!


  1. Burrrrh! That's cold Di! I just want to stay curled up under a quilt or at least the quilt pieces!
    Happy New Year to you and Miss Gracie!

  2. I can't believe how cold it is where you are. Normally, we would be sharing the snow and cold temperatures. We have no snow and temps are in the mid to upper 40's.
    December here was the driest on record. I'm loving it but know it won't last. So stay warm! Looks like you are working on some fun projects. Can't wait to see them when done. Nola

  3. Oh my!That is mighty cold! Yes, sometimes it can be too cold to sleep, was Miss Gracie cuddling up too, poor little thing! I know my Miss Mini likes to cuddle up during the winter, they make great hot water bottles LOL!!!!

  4. Have fun while staying warm indoors, Di! Good for Miss G. to keep you focused.

    Carol (NJ)

  5. Making me colder just talking about it. It is a heat wave with 34 here.
    So does it mean PLEASE Finish Valentine's? Cause if it does I have a couple I can work on.
    You two stay warm.
    Perfect sewing weather.

  6. Looking forward to seeing that Schnibbles!


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