Saturday, January 21, 2012


but doesn't seem like I have a lot to show for it--

Another block of hand quilting on the pink quilt--
but this is 2 days of work here--
did alittle bit more applique on the cottage block, but not finished with that one yet--
and have done more counted cross stitching on the 'Words" project---
so nothing at all exciting here--

Today I had the privilege of doing up a sink full of dirty dishes,
cleaning kitty box and taking out the garbage and --
getting 4 loads of laundry done before others came along and wanted to do some--
but that isn't anything to really blog about I guess!!!!
Oh --I did get a package in the mail yesterday from UK--
two new cross stitch patterns--
hey I heard that--I know I don't need any more patterns--
but--but---I love sweet peas and pansies and seen these sooooo??????
and I was already doing an order for some green shades of cloth for this one stitchery--
and here are the three greens--
the one on the far right is the one that the pattern used and that I was having a hard time with--
do love the feel of the 2 new ones--just the colors are not just what I am looking for--
one simple pattern equals one big headache!!!!!
as for Miss Gracie--
she seems to just like being herself and she loves her new 'trick'--
to get to my footstool before I can get to the rocker and use it--
silly cat!!!!!!

Here's an old friend of mine--
we have been friends ever since I found her,
back years ago at a craft fair--
ain't she cute?????

You all have a great Sunday--
Hugs, Di and that silly cat, Miss Gracie


  1. Hi Di!
    I love sweet peas, too! And poppies.
    But I haven't bought any new patterns this week, ....
    I think :-)
    Lots of snow yesterday! Ms Gracie does well to curl up on her (your) stool and stay warm.
    Hugs to you both.

  2. I'm glad to hear you just needed some rest, Di! I love pansies that a bookmark pattern? Pretty!

    You will work out your decision problems. And the project will be beautiful! ;-)

    HUGS to both you and Wise Miss G.!

    Carol (NJ)

  3. The little cross-stitch patterns look darling! Keeping busy doesn't always result in getting projects completed! domestic reality likes to step in and remind us of our responsibiities LOL! Miss Gracie looks awful cute sitting on the footstool!!!!

  4. Can you come do my laundry? hee,hee,hee.
    Love the cross stitch patterns. However, ya know what I love most??? The hand warmers you knitted me!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wear them all the time like right now as I'm typing this!! They are the bestest gift EVER!!!
    Love ya!


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