Wednesday, January 11, 2012


But I got some things done---before he won!!!
look at him--he is so happy that he got me!!!!

But look at what I got finished today --

I am sooo happy with this little 'ufo' being all finished--
see sometimes those ufo's do find there way back under the 'needles'!!!!

I did go outside today--
went over town-- first to the post office to mail out a couple packages--
so Grethe and Linda your gifts are finally on the way!!!
and got my brother and sister-in-laws Christmas gifts mailed!!!!
What it's after Christmas--welllllll--
then it is either late for this year or early for next Christmas--
take your pick!!!!
 It really was lovely here this morning to go over town--
the sun was really shinning and bright--

And now would you believe this--
I went into the Quilt shop and came out without buying a single thing--
but did come home with these--
these are shop samples that I did for them a couple 3 years ago and she was finished with them, so she just gave them back to me!!!
And I even went into the yarn shop for a minute and came out without spending a cent--
I was sooooo good today!!!!

You've got mail-----
Got some orders in this week-this one is from the Green fairies charm pack sale--

got nearly all solids==cause I sure have a few of prints now--
Then Bunny Hill had to have a sale--
and I really really needed--
this blue piece with the chocolate bunny on it for the SAL of Something wonderful--
of course I got the fat quarter pack with some of the other blues for this line-----!!!!!!!
and those gray wools are sooo neat--and will look lovely in my wool stash!!!!
this was me this afternoon while I was trying to do my No. 11th counted cross stitch--
so I had to let the dragon win and I had to give up and go in for my nap early!!!

Hugs, Di and Miss Gracie


  1. I love your small quilt. The colors and fabrics are beautiful and the star in the center is so striking. Nola

  2. I love that little quilt! Very pretty. And congrats on getting all those cross stitches started. It's okay to take a little nap from time to time.

  3. My, oh are one BUSY lady, Miss Di! I hope you are taking some time to spend with Miss G. too! Congrats on the completed projects!

    Carol (NJ)

  4. Your UFO completion is just gorgeous Di! Well done!! Also your shop samples are just so sweet, love the little stitcheries of flying angels and the little framed piece too, just beautiful!!!!

  5. Good gracious Di! You sure have been working up a storm! What if you just do some embellishing on those roof tops? Like add some ric rac or something?
    Love the little quilt you finished. Beautiful!
    Hugs to you and Miss G.


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