Sunday, January 8, 2012


Today was working with Frogs--
You remember that I am in the 'Crazy 15 Challenge'???
Well--I have done well===sooo far----
And today was Day 8th--
so am half way there--
But only cause I have had my 'buddy' to help me--
Mr. Henry--the most helpful frog on the block--
Is he 'not'  handsome or what--
Mr Henry can even throw balls through hoops-
but what he does the best at is--
helping me 'frog' out my counted cross stitch mistakes--
When I call upon him--
he always come prepared with 
best pair of glassses--
cause he knows that one has to be very careful in getting out the 'bad' threads--
and not hurting the good ones!!!!

Late last night " we" worked at removing the second attempt at stitching a robin--
in this piece-
I had won this sampler pattern on the internet some months ago--
and I had started it--twice!!!
See that large robin--she is right in the center and I always start my projects in the center--
and for what very reason, she did not want to cooperate and go in straight--
so Mr. Henry and I 'frogged' her out once again and I started with a clean slate--
I mean a blank piece of cloth--
but this time I stitched in the center line--
I have discovered that doing this to all my cloth pieces are making a 'big' difference--
in getting them started and staying straight--
So here she is for the Third time--
I even got 3 of her babies in today--and they are learning how to take a bathe in the bird bath--
Now least you think that by starting over a third time it was easy going--
forget that--
I still had to call on Mr. Henry --often--
I sometimes think I put in one stitch for every two we take out!!!!
You did good today Mr. Henry--
you deserve a cold drink and a cool rest--
probably will see you tomorrow!!!!

I did get alittle basting done on this one--
the drop leaf table is working really well for doing this--
am glad I got it now--
I did get some of the snowmen out of the tote and up in the cupboard today--
do you see where I put the gift from Sunny??? and if Alice looks really close she will see her little guy on one of the shelves toooo!!!!!

Well--here we are at the end of the first full week end in the year 2012--
hope you did something special with it???
Ahhh--Miss Gracie--Mommy loves you--
you don't have to help me fight alligators or frog stitches--
I love you for who you are--a lap warming kitty!!
Who wants her food dish 'full' at all times of the day and night!!!

Hugs, Di and that Miss Gracie


  1. that little kitten is adorable! Sorry you had to do so much frogging! I did some on my cross stitch today, too, if that makes you feel any better. Have a great week!

  2. A lovely (stumbling) start to your cross-stitch LOL, it's a delightful design, hope that frog can put his feet up for a while!!!

  3. I've been making progress on my x-stitch birth announcement and tonight ordered some more projects to work on each month this year in your challenge that you talked me into joining!

    Glad you have Mr. Froggy to help!

    Hugs to you and Miss G.

    Carol (NJ)

  4. I have not worked on my cross stitch in years sew good on you even if you have some frog stitches.


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