Saturday, January 7, 2012


Well--today turned into an adventure--
Guess--I needed something new and different after being in the construction business all week--
so decided I would go 'alligator' hunting--
I needed to tame me 'three' of them gators!!
Now down south you learn how to catch them and tame them --
by just tickling them under their chins--
but here in the North--we have to--
place them between our legs and let them hang up side down!!
Oh and there is some special tools for helping you catch him first---

In catching my first alligator today--
I threw two of them done on the bed where Miss Gracie was--
and asked her, "which one do we want today?"-
well--let me tell you ==
she was off that bed in a flash--
and under the bed and she stayed there the rest of the day--
SOoo--I had to do this job all by myself--
the first thing I decided I needed was an iron--
No not leg irons--
Ahh--no 'iron' frying pan--don't want to eat him--
Now we are talking--
A regular iron--just need to 'iron' this alligator out some--
and after the ironing on him==
here he is in all his glory--
A quilt ready to be basted for the hand quilting lady!!!
Well--it felt like an alligator--it is big!!!!
This is a block of the month that I did a couple three years ago at the local quilt shop--
time for some finishing on this baby!!

Oh--you are right--
I did state there was 'three' alligators to tame--
the other two was--
the laundry--that was a wild one there--
and cleaning the kitchen-that was a dangerous job--
but I have now been given the ===
Alligator of the day award--
Hugs, to alllllll--
Di and that scaridy cat--Miss Gracie!!!!!


  1. Glad you managed to tame a few alligators Di! I still have one to tame, laundry and some sewing done today, but the kitchen is still glaring at me LOL!!!!

  2. I tried to do the kitchen but people kept messing it back up again. If only we didn't have to eat 3 times a day.
    Love the pretty alligator!!

  3. Di, you have me in "stitches" at your descriptions. Poor Miss G. I would love to just hold her and calm her down. ;-)

    I just love your handiwork! Congrats on getting so many UFO's done!

    Carol (NJ)

  4. Love your alligator story! The quilt looks super;glad you have almost finished it:-)

  5. That has to be the prettiest alligator I have ever seen!Hope Gracie did come back out from under the bed!


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