Thursday, January 26, 2012


Are we still working away--my little elves?????
I know a couple of you are--
I can not tell you what a great feeling the work that I got done these last 3 days on Christmas is!!!!!

I may not have actually completed any projects--
but the 'hard' part of these projects are done--

so even if I don't touch this months projects again till Dec--
look at how easy they will be to "just" finish them!!????
these '3' cats took a long time--each--to applique!!!
and then to have 3 of them on one project!!!!
As the background on this one was dark and the fabrics where dark, these cats do have a very thin piece of batting under them--so they are called 'fat cats'!!!!!

Today was mostly a 'rocking' chair kind of day for me--
so did not get the table runners finished--
but finishing the applique on these 3 tops took all day anyways!!!

I have decided to 'declare' the month of February--
"Working with wool" month--
I know that I have alot of projects and patterns using 'wool' that I want to make--
and thought it would be fun to have some others join me in this ----
and for us here while it is cold and windy out--this would be a great time of the year to do it--
so get that wool out and lets get to doing some "wool gatherings" and see what we can get done during the month of February????????

             Oh and Miss Gracie toooo!!!!


  1. Have had to move the 24th ++ to the weekend :-)
    Oh, I adore the kitties!

  2. What a great christmas projects you have been working on.
    Love that bundle of wool.....

  3. You are achieving a lot Di! I guess having a plan and sticking to it really is the key! Your applique projects are looking good! Stay safe and warm!!!

  4. Love the wool bundle and your projects! I'm so hooked on wool this year!


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