Tuesday, January 24, 2012


And how are all my little Christmas elf's doing tonight????
I do say I am so glad that 'my' boss came up with idea of doing some Christmas work a couple days each month--Thanks Miss Gracie--!!!!!!
I was able to work on a couple projects today that have been waiting in the wings for --
for along time--years even--
Here is the first one--
an appliqued Scotty dog--
I have had this pattern for 3-4 years and these two fabrics tucked into the pattern since then--
and in thinking about where to start on the Christmas stuff--I decided that this month I wanted to work on some gifts that I have wanted to make every year for along time--
I even have the Scotty done--and now the background fabric that was left can go back into the Christmas fabric box for another project!!!
this pattern also has 2 other designs in it--
this one--can you tell what this one will be????
and this one--both of these are ready to be appliqued now--
and then I have had this next one for 2-3 years--
and it is finally traced off and the extra fabric is now back into the Christmas fabric bin--
this one I did change one word on the saying on the bottom of it to say 'winter' instead of 
Christmas--so now I also realized that left me an opening to use other colors on the little quilt blocks hanging from the tree instead of red and green--soooooo!!!!

This was today work--
I only got in a half of day because remember it was a Tuesday and my friend Anne comes to quilt--
while she was here I was able to get two more blocks on the pink quilt - hand quilted--
and this one--
there is a pink tulip block above this yellow one and it is next to do!!!!

And I have my Christmas sewing project for tomorrow all planned--
if I can find the pattern????????
I think though that these '3' days of Christmas are going to go really fast--
so be ware if you see some 'smoke' coming from my direction--
I want so much to get some things done!!!!!

I was wondering if we should bake some Christmas cookies to eat while we stitch?????
Hugs, Di and that boss of mine--
Miss Gracie--
Happy Christmas sewing!!!


  1. Everything looks wonderful! Your stitchery is going to be beautiful! I've always wanted to do that one! :0)

  2. Cookies sound like an awesome idea!!! Well done on getting some blocks quilted in the midst of the hectic Christmas rush!
    Is Miss Gracie hiding from all the frantic activity?

  3. Well aren't you just the industrious little elf! Cookies sounds very good. yummm....

  4. Wonderful, wonderful! Miss Gracie is such a taskmaster!!

    Carol (NJ)

  5. I have the same crab-apple stitchery pattern and started is a couple of years ago and never finished it. I'm not sure why. But seeing this on your blog, I'm going to have to dig it out and see what still needs to be done. I'm thinking it may be the colors I chose. Looks like you are making great progress. I love scotty dogs and the fabric you have chosen is delightful. Nola

  6. Your hand quilting is looking great on this quilt, little by little and before you know it, it will be all done! Good for you to stick to your commitment of doing Christmas stuff, it'll pay dividends when the end of the year arrives!!

  7. You are a busy little Elf. I love the stitchery you are going to do.
    Oh cookies sound perfect.

  8. You know, that is a great idea. Maybe I should try it! I hate the last minute panic when I have so much left to finish and so little time to do it in!
    Thanks for the great idea!!


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