Thursday, January 12, 2012


today--it seems that the two projects I worked on came out --
well--not sure--have  a looky see yourself--
First I thought I got the top to the Full House Schnibbles pattern all finished--
and I was soooo happy that I got it all to come out even--
Yea--as you can see--mine is alot different that the way the pattern has you do it--
the fabric line I chose I had also gotten two of there panels--one being the ABC's--
and one being the larger blocks like the ones in the four corners here--
and so I decided to frame the abc panel with the houses--
and it did work--
but after I got it all sewed I looked down and I wondered who the construction worker was that 'built' these house blocks--
because he/she did a really bad job of the roof pieces--
look here--
those points on the roof are suppose to match--whereas the house on the left has a huge overhang--
see--these are not much better--
I can not believe that I he/she did such bad workmanship!!!!
so now what--do I 'frog' them all and fix them--
and if I do that where does that put the inside panel and trim????
Oh my!!!!

Then right after lunch is my counted cross stitch time until the first 15 are started--
today was this one--
I think this is sooo cute--but why have I chosen to stitch this one!!!
and why do they have all that fancy colored stitching on the hat--
why can't I just do a normal witches hat and use dark purples and black all over it?????
Any ways--I usually have my center lines all stitched in the night before--
but that did not happen last night--so did that first and then started stitching--
and of course the center of this pattern is on the large strip full of colors-- piece of the hat--
and I use Cosmos thread instead of  DMC--
and I got some of the golds and oranges too close in color--
so the first few rows blended in way too much--so out came the floss boxes and back to the drawing board I went--after picking out a second set--I only managed to get this much done for today--

Much better color range though and now when I do pick this one up to finish it--

hopefully the hard decisions and selecting is done--and I can stitch away--!!

So I did get some progress work done today--
or didn't I????????

Hugs, Di and that silly cat, Miss Gracie


  1. Di, I would definitely leave the houses the way they are! It looks beautiful, and I think little "oddities" like that make it interesting! It looks great. At least you've gotten your colors right now for the cross stitch, that is going to be beautiful too!

  2. The houses look great! I am the unpick queen so I won't even try to help you decide.
    Amish boo boos and all that.
    The hat is going to be really cute, you are doing so well with the crazy stitch off.

  3. It is a dilemma, but... in this case I would leave the house blocks as they are and not unpick! Once it is quilted you will no longer notice there is some unevenness with the roof sections! Love the quirkyness of the witch-hat, should be a fun project to work on!!!

  4. Di, you are just amazing!!! I think the house project looks fine. Who wants a quilt made by an "engineer" where everything is perfect?! I certainly like non-uniform things. lol

    That witch's hat is adorable too...I love color and it definitely will be colorful! Glad you had other floss colors to choose from.

    Keep up the great work on your challenges! You're my inspiration!!!

    HUGS to you and Miss Gracie!
    Carol (NJ)

  5. I really LOVE your version of Full House. It's so awesome!!!


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