Thursday, January 5, 2012


And I worked at building houses--
But my houses did not need wood or nails--
Nor did I need a hammer!!!!!
Not even a paint brush was needed--
Yet I have some beautifully decorated homes--
I managed to get 2 made--
and some others partly done--
during my  sewing room time this morning--
and then--
during my afternoon counted cross stitch time--
I was smiling cause I had to construct this--
New home for Day 5 of the Crazy challenge I am in!!!!
So nobody can say I don't have any place to live!!!!
and look who helped me--
None other than that Miss Gracie--herself!!!!
Ah--or was she helping me "unmake" the bed???? 

time to quit 'dragging' my feet on the new challenge--
it is being called-- 'PFV' day--
and is set for next Saturday the 14th or whenever you can do it next week--
and what it means is this--
Prepare For Valentines Day projects-----
Alice was close in saying it meant to finish ufo's of Valentines--
but I don't have any of those---I don't think--
but I do have this awesome pile of 'goodies' that I have collected--
'thinking I would make them for a Valentines day' decoration or gifts--

So here is the plan--
1. look around this week for the fabric, patterns, and other supplies that you already have--
or go spend some money on some--and don't forget to get the right color of thread!!!
2. Pick out which ones that you think you can get made by this==yep--
I said -- by this Valentines--
3. and on Saturday we will be doing the preparations for these projects--
we might need to cut, or sew, or trace off patterns--whatever--
but let's have a 'fun' start on that February holiday--
and not let it sneak up on us like it usually does!!!!

there is no rules--
but would be nice if you let me know who wants to play along--
and maybe post your beginnings by Monday Jan 16th---
go for it bloggers!!!!!

Time to go for tonight--
hope to get the list up for the Christmas Club stitch along tonight--
Happy Stitching--
Hugs, Di and that crazy Miss Gracie


  1. this is the first I have been in blogville in days... and I get to see your wonderful newly constructed houses! I love them Di!!!

  2. Love the houses. Count me in for the Valentine Projects. I just put in my little boxes a pattern and charm squares for a Valentine Heart Wall Hanging. So, I'm thinking if I commit to you, I'll get it done! lol

  3. That is the best way to be constructing houses. Love them Di.

  4. Those little house blocks are just adorable! I am very taken with your new cross-stitch project, it is just wonderful, I love it!!!
    That Miss Gracie, well what can I say.....she's pretty special!!!!

  5. Great going on the houses projects, Di! I love your Valentine project idea too. But I'm up to my eyeballs with birth announcements and DEADLINES! lol

    Have fun!!!
    Hugs to you both.
    Carol (NJ)


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