Friday, January 27, 2012


I got up later than usual--
so for my sewing time in the morning and early afternoon--
I just did hand quilting--
got another block all finished--
now the pink tulip is done--
and almost got another block done--
so we are moving right along on this quilt.

Went for a ride with a girl friend this afternoon while she went to get a new belt for her cleaner--
and got home in time to do my 'computer duty'!!!!
So it really was a short/fast day!!!!
Hugs, Di and the fur ball!!!!!


sunny said...

Ooh, I love your tulip blocks! Do we have to wait much longer to see the whole quilt? Hugs and meows.

Maria said...

As I am a "Dutchie" tulips are on of my favorite. great blocks.

Merilyn said...

Another quilted block closer to completion!!! That has to be a good thing Di!

Lorraine said...

Nice work on the tulip blocks! nice to have a lazy sort of day. I had a very lazy day yesterday..loved every minute of it!

Terry said...

Your tulip blocks look great! Sometimes a lazy day is a good thing! :0)

Michelle May said...

Time spent hand quilting is so relaxing.

andsewon said...

Pretty tulips! A day out is a good thing too.

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