Thursday, January 19, 2012


As I woke this morning and went to get out of bed--
I said 'O'--is it really time to get up--again????

As I was getting dressed and fixing breakfast--
I said 'O'--I think I am going to be in trouble today!!!!
As I ate breakfast and then picked up the quilt to hand quilt on it--

I said 'O'--I think I am not feeling well today????
And I am cold--even with the heat on--my body feels cold!!!
As I got up to do my daily household chores--
I said 'O'--and when I went to make the bed--
I feel into it -- covered up and was asleep in less than a minute!!!
So I thought when I woke up at noon--

that 'O' now I will really be able to 'party" and get lots and lots done--
Well--'O' surprised me with the fact that I felt alittle 'worse' even!!!
So to make a long 'OOOOOOOOOO" short--
I did get alittle done, but not my normal speed--
here is today's results of an 'O' kinda day--

Completed another block on the quilt--
I did some 'fussy' cutting when I put this quilt together that was not part of the quilt club--
but that rose just wanted to be center stage--and one must never argue with a rose!!!!

and I worked on some of the applique on the Cottage of the month block--
I used wool for the scalloped piece between the roof and the house--
think it worked out cute--
this one has more stitching on it than the bunny one from yesterday--

and I did work on the counted cross stitch project awhile--
so I did keep busy--when I wasn't in bed!!!
Hugs, from Miss Gracie, too!!!


  1. "O" Di, I hope you are not coming down with the flu! Take it easy!

    Carol (NJ)

  2. O, what a shame - I hope you soon feel better. Love the rose! Hugs!

  3. We all have "O" days now again, just hope it doesn't have any repeats too close together, 'cos you know what that could mean...yes, flu, cold, or some other winter nasty! Hope the rest of your week is better!!!


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