Tuesday, January 3, 2012

OH NO---

My Mom is getting into troubbbbbbbbbbbbbble---
I can see it now--
there will be 'no' time for her feed me, clean my litter box, or play with me!!!!
and it is alllllll of 'you's' fault out there in blog land---
last night she found a bom in counted cross stitch that will be a cat each month--
now being a 'cat' myself--that one I guess will be okay-
but she just now found another bom from Jenny Elefantz's site--
and she says she just has to do this one--it is her very favorite Bible verse--
then there will be Shell's on 15th from the Raspberry Rabbits and it has bunnies on it this year-- and we all know how 'mom' loves bunnies--then over on Val's site, she gave some sneak peaks on her's for this this year--and Mom says, that right up her alley toooooo--
and if you look at her side bar on the right--
she has already gotten herself into some challenges--

SOOO--now tell me what is a 'cat' suppose to do--
I can't sleep all day and all night???????
Ma===can I have some more "cat nip" ---
I gotta think on this problem and cat nip always helps!!!!!!
Hugs, Miss Gracie and her mom!!!!!


  1. Ohhh poor Miss Gracie! I happen to think that your Mom loves you so much, she'll still find time to take care of you. No worries.

  2. Don't worry Miss Gracie, I'm sure Mom will still have time for her pretty kitty! Love all the planned projects! Di, I think to get your header bigger, you need to do it in your graphics program? I can't really remember. xo Jen

  3. Well, ms Gracie - you can always play with mum's mice, rabbits, dolls .... then she will remember you are there and need cuddles!!

  4. OH MY! What a dilemma, Miss Gracie! I say "steal" some of mom's BOMs and that way she will pay attention to you! ;-)

    Carol (NJ)

  5. Oh Miss Gracie! what a terrible dilemma! you know, I just think you should pack your kitty bags and come visit with Miss Mini for a while LOL! - down here in the sunshine! - you'd have a wonderful holiday! I just bet you Mum would miss you terribly, and work out that the Cat Princess really is the centre of her universe and mend her ways!!!!!


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