Monday, January 16, 2012


I think that about says it for today--
No now wait a minute--
Miss Gracie has a new clean litter box--so that means someone did do some house work in amongst all this sewing!!!!

 Got another block all hand quilted this morning--
Then I headed to the sewing room cause I have decided that I want to join the Dresden plate stitch along that Anne of Bunny Hill is doing--
I do not have the actual dresden plate ruler--
can you believe that????
but I found a template of one I had made about 8 years ago--
so I used that--
and the Cape Ann layer cake for it--
and this is what I got--
I love it--only it is 23" round--wow!!!
but then I am not sure how round they come out with the correct plastic Dresden ruler?????
I can get 2-3 blades out of each 10" square--and most of the regular prints there is two of each design--
it is just the actual clothes pieces that there is only one sheet of--so I will probably need another layer cake to make it--
but then again--I did discover that the colors in these prints match 30's colors and I have alot of them--
I have tried out two centers--
Center #1-
Center #2
and then there is background to applique this to--
did find this one--
This one has small pink roses on it--and I have some with small blue roses on it???
What do you think?????
Am going to the city on Friday--and could get a solid--probably white or a real pale blue??????
These are so easy to make--or at least the part was?????

Then this afternoon I continued to start another counted cross stitch project--
I know--yesterday was the last day--number 15--but remember I finished one in the one day--
so I felt I needed to have a total of 15 ufo's!!!
so started this one--
Oh my what a job--it is done on 36 ct cloth
and me and the cloth and the threads and counting
are not getting very far--

and really there are 3 letters on here that really should be done over again--
I mean again--have already done a couple of them several times--ouch!!!!!!
and this is just January--there is 11 more I want to do in this series??????
Keep warm--
and keep stitching!!!!
Hugs, Di and that fur ball--!!!


  1. Hello Di and miss Gracie.....Your Dresden Plates are going to look lovely. i prefer the soft yellow centre but how will this look on the background that you picked. Maybe a soft blue background would look nice although I also liked the little flowered one. Decisions, decisions!

  2. I look forward to your blog each night, Di, cause you always have such a busy sewing day EVERY day! lol I just LOVE Dresden plates. Yours is going to be beautiful. I like the cream color center and the soft pink background. The x-stitch project is going to be so cute! I don't know how to stitch on counted threads like linen. 36 ct. is TINY!

    Looking forward to seeing your progress.

    Carol (NJ)

  3. Really really pretty whichever one you decide on. Very cheery and the cross stitch is sweet.
    Such a busy bee you are.

  4. Love your dresden plate block. Can't believe it is so big. I've been debating about doing it, but would only do about four for a wall hanging. I love center #2, but then I'm partial to blues. Will be anxious to see what you choose. Nola

  5. Busy as usual :-) i love the Dresden plates, I want to join in too. I have ordered the ruler from the us, can't find it here. So I must wait a bit.
    I prefer #2, love blues - and I think it will make your choice of background easier? What does ms Gracie choose?

  6. Oh good to see someone else overflowing with projects!! Love your dresdens-- I really like the blue centre. And the block you have just quilted - gorgeous! Miss Gracie will be delighted that you did some housework today!

  7. Very pretty! I like the counted cross stitch too. I glad you started that one - it just needed to be completed it's so cute. I like the blue dots but with a solid background or the solid with the flowered background. I think my preference would be the blue dot for the center. Good luck choosing, either way will be wonderful.

  8. Love your little dresden plates, they have turned out very well especially as you didn't have a proper ruler, but your template did a good job for you!!! Very nicely done!!! Your hand quilting too is lovely on that quilt! Looks as if you are keeping real busy Di!!!!


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