Saturday, January 28, 2012


I think took some 'lazy' lessons from her Mom!!!!
Actually she is just keeping an 'eye' on what her Mom is up to now!!!!!

Oh--that is a pretty fabric, Mom--
but that is from your Civil war shelf--
so think twice--
going going gone--
Mom is really gonna use it for the backing on this quilt---
Her "Full House" quilt--
and looky here--
It is all basted now too--
all ready for hand quilting when it is it's turn--
In the  mean time she showed me that by putting the backing and batting in and making it in a sandwich--
OHHH==a sandwich--???
Can I have a glass of milk with that Mom????
Ohhhh--not that kind of sandwich--ok!!!
By making it into a 'sandwich' Mom can store the quilt like this--
On top of the pile of ones that are really already quilted--
and it looks like she has it all finished--
Ahhh-Mom--you missed picking up a couple of  'my' paper wads when you picked up my toys last night!!!!!
Later Mom also got the other quilt top in the fabrics like she used in the Full House all ready to baste--
she used the same backing fabric as she says she will probably display or decorate with them both at the same time!!
and she even has some of the backing fabric left to go back on her Civil war fabric shelf!!!

And someone asked to see what the 60 degree ruler and the pattern looked like--
so here it is in all it's glory!!!!!!!!!!!

So let the cats in our home have an extra special treat and some extra loving today!!!
Hugs, from Miss Gracie and her Mom!!!


  1. Hello miss Gracie, please tell your mom that i love her quilt!

  2. You be sure to keep her busy, Miss gracie. And tell her I have several sandwiches in a pile if she wants me to send them to her for quilting.

  3. Have to agree with Miss Gracie--that is very pretty fabric Mom.
    Well done with all of your sandwiches.
    Purr purr from all the furry ones around here.

  4. Oh Miss Gracie, it is such a wonderful thing that your mom has you around to keep her in line. Thanks for the updates. Let us know what mom is up to in the future, we enjoy hearing from you!


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