Sunday, January 22, 2012



I have my very own version of the story of 'The Three Bears'--

and as any good story about the 3 bears it needs a papa bear, a momma bear, and a baby bear!!
and so does my story--
You remember me telling you about the Scrappy Plate bom group by Anne--
and so this is how my story goes--
First I made this one--
It measured 23" across--
this is the Papa bear--
had to go back to the sewing room with the correct tool and I made--
this one--
this is Momma Bear--
and it measures only 18" across--
thought I finally had a handle on it--
but as I kept running across blogs about this scrappy plate bom--
and I see they were making more that one--
something 'clicked' last night--that something was wrong!!!
so back to Bunny Tales site I went--
and again I read her notice about the bom--
still had questions--so I reread it for the 3-4 times by now--
and there it was--she said to get a set of the instructions to go to the top of her page and hit the 'free' button"--
well--that is what I did--
and I nearly cried--
so here is the 3rd attempt--
at 10 inches !!!!
and this is Baby Bear!!!!!
You only use 4 inch long strips--not the whole ruler of 8"--duhhhhhhhh!!!!!!
So the good news is--
I can probably get the whole 12 plates from the one layer cake!!!
Spend last night cutting out alot of the blades--so am ready to stitch up a storm now--
and I sure hope I have read it correctly this time!!!!
Oh and I stillllllll love this block and the fabrics I am using!!!!
I just need to learn "how-to-read"!!!!
Can you see the difference here--
baby bear is laying on top of  momma bear--
really big difference!!!
Oh--am I going to 'frog' the Momma bear--
No way--she will be a wall hanging or a pillow!!!
I also got the counted cross stitch project done on the January Words today--
but need to finish it off yet--tomorrow--I will have more time tomorrow!!!!!

Hope you all have a great week ahead for lots of stitching!!
Hugs, Di and her baby--Miss Gracie


  1. Oh my...your story made me smile! And I love your bigger Dresdens! They'll make great pillows! :0)

  2. Di I think baby bear on top of mama bear is so pretty! What about putting them on papa bear? That would be a gorgeous pillow!! Sometimes things that work out like that happen for a reason. ;)

  3. And what a beautiful pillow it will be! I started making some baby dresdens about a year ago, but they're in a bag somewhere. I need to dig them out and quilt along!

  4. I'm sure that was frustrating Di...I would have been cursing like a sailor! I think it's a great idea to make a pillow or a wall hanging out of Momma bear. Don't let it go to waste! :-) xo Jen

  5. Oh Di! {{{{{hugs}}}}} I'm sorry you had such a frustrating few days, but it looks like you are finally on the right track! I just love those Dresden plates.

    I have been thinking a LOT of you these past few days. I don't know what my problem is, but I just can't get my counted x-stitch to come out right. I have ripped out more times than I'd like and I'm finally going to just "make it work" my own way. GRR!

    I hope you both are staying warm inside.

    Carol (NJ)

  6. All the dresden plates look great, but yes, it can get frustrating when you misread the instructions LOL! I'm sure you'll find a way to use the ones that were the wrong size! Hope the rest of your project goes without a hitch!!!

  7. I'm so glad I am not the only one who has misread instructions. I love your dresden plates and I'm sure you can find a use for mama and papa. Glad you can now move forward and feel good about your blocks. Nola


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