Friday, January 6, 2012


some extra help today!!!!!!
I know she looks soooo innocent  here--
but had turned over to see where I went,
when I went to get the camera!!!!

Made it to Walmart for groceries  this morning--
but I was soo proud of myself when I got home and got them put away--Cause---
I went straight to the sewing room!!!
Sewed the rest of the 18 homes together and then played around with them--
and NO those blocks are not going in this quilt--
but I do need '4' more homes--these homes are 'selling' quickly!!!
have the 4 ready for construction at the next sewing time!!

And this afternoon I did do another 'crazy challenge' cross stitch start--
only this time it was also a finish!!!!

And I also got the Snowman tote opened and was taking some things out--
and I found these--
done just a couple years ago--
done not too long ago either--
probably stitched about 6 years ago????
Done along time ago--
and this one--
it 'old' and I know that it took me a couple years or so of working on it off and on--
to finish it--it was a little 'tricky' cause of it being in a circle like this--but I just love it!!!

It was 50 degrees outside today--can you believe that?????
I can not!!!!!
Yet I was cold this afternoon--go figure!!!!

And can you believe we are at the 'first' week end of 2012---
what are your plans???  Need to do something to celebrate == right?????
Hugs, Di and that de-construction worker--Miss Gracie


  1. Love those cross stitch's. I am hopeing to finish my mirabilia x-stitch this year. Only been 7 yrs in the making.....ouch!!!

  2. Great stitcheries, especially the first one! Love snowmen. Love Miss gracie.

  3. Love your stitcheries especially the last one of the snowmen in a circle.

  4. Good job finishing those stitcheries!!

  5. Isn't it fun to see past projects? Most of my work I give away as gifts. So I just have photos to remember them by.

    Congrats on keeping up with your daily challenges!

    Miss Gracie, you are doing a FINE job keeping mom in line!

    Carol (NJ)

  6. It's so handy to have a construction helper :) Love the stitcheries and houses!

  7. Miss Gracie is getting sooooo big and pretty!!
    Love all your stitcheries--your snowmen are gorgeous.
    Have fun constructing!!!

  8. Your little cross-stitch projects are really lovely, how nice to bring them out again after so long!
    Often you don't realise how much work you actually do until you find old pieces stashed away, I hope you'll have them on show in your home next Christmas Di!!
    Love the little house blocks and stitcheries, good to see Miss Gracie on the sidelines encouraging you on!!!!


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