Friday, January 13, 2012



How is that for today--
let's start with the -- Cool one!!!
Last night after I got off the computer and walked past the table where the Full House Quilt was laying--
I looked at it and I was in 'love' with it ==just as it is--
can't explain it really--you know me I am always redoing and frogging something--
but I just feel that I am to leave this one as is--maybe cause it reminds me that none of us are perfect, but once the quilting is all done--you will not see any imperfections!!!
PS--went downstairs with the quilt this morning and found a neighbor to hold it up so you can see all of it!!!

Now--Happy Dance--

As I got up this morning and was getting breakfast ect--
It hit me how to do the blocks on the other panel that goes with this line--
so after alittle hand quilting and the normal housework thingy's--
I got into the sewing room and this is what I came out with--
Now I realize that the tan blocks look empty--
but I also realized that I have some neat stencils for quilting that I never get to use cause all my quilts are so busy with busy blocks--so this way I can do a fancy design in these tan 'unbusy' blocks!!!!
I also have the next border all figured out and cut--but no more time today to work on it--
with this 'crazy 15 challenge' still going on!!!

and Third was some 'yummy' mail--
got an order in today--
Some Schnibbles patterns that I do not have--
a jelly roll -this was on sale for $16.??-- and I did not have any of this line--
I love the pinks and tans, but am not crazy about the yellows with the pinks--
duhhhh---I realized that I can take the yellow ones out and use them else wheres--
especially for that price!!!!
and a nice assortment of half yard cuts--
so now I have even less shelf space--
am I crazy or what--
( the or what -- is that I like 'sales'!!!!!)

And I did get a nice start on Crazy 13th stitchery--
what I won't tell you is that I started it about 12:30 am!!!
gotta do something when one can't sleep!!!
course there was alot of frogging it seemed on this one--
and I got a longs to go on it!!!

We got a little snow last night--just ground covering--with lots of rain before hand--
so the biggest problem is the ice--
and it is getting way cold tonight and is suppose to stay that way alllllll week end--
so guess where I hope to be and what I hope to be doing????

Tomorrow ===
remember is the day to work on preparing or planning some of your Valentine projects--
are you ready????

Hugs, Di and a sleeping Miss Gracie


  1. My, you had a much better day today, Di! I'm glad you decided to leave the houses alone. They will be fine. And I love the stencil idea that you will embroider. :-D

    Carol (NJ)

  2. I'm pleased too that you decided to leave the little house blocks the way they are, and you are right, we all have our imperfections!!!
    You picked up some lovely bargains and your little cross stitch is looking beautiful! Have a great weekend!!

  3. You are quite the construction worker. Looks great!! Both of them.
    Have two Valentine projects to work on, so I should be good to go.
    Now if I can just ignore everything else and sew!!!???

  4. Pom Pom d Paris Jelly Roll for $16 - bargain! Thanks for the lovely Christmas card & little pattern Di. The mailman has been slow this year so just arrived in Aussie but still much appreciated & on display. Hugs to you & the lovely Miss Gracie. Tracee xx

  5. I love that little tree and bird's so adorable! GREAT mail day. You got some really pretty fabrics. I love a sale too! xo Jen


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