Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Volunteer needed--
all you need to know about is frogs!!
And I have even located the perfect one for you to work on!!
I hear my dear friend Alice is good with frogs--so maybe she will do it for me????
this needs to be 'frogged'--
Now isn't this the 'cutest' frog you have seen in the  pond--
very colorful--and it comes with 23 friends!!!

Went to the Quilt shop today and found the right 'tool' for the job!!!
Oh and one fat quarter jumped in the bag tooooo!!!
I brought the ruler home and layed it on the 'plate'--
mine are the right lenght--and the right width at the top where the points are--

but you can see that the bottom of the template on mine was way wider--
soooooo---I need an experienced 'frogger' to frog all 24 blades so I can trim them and sew them all back together again!!!!!!!   and yes--I do need to actually frog them--as you need to press the seams "open" to applique the block down on the background fabric!!!!
Am curious to see what size it comes out as too!!???
And looky here--I found the exact same color of cloth in a 28 ct --
so now it will be alittle larger--but that is ok--also decided to redo the colors--
January always says  the color blue to me--so am adding blues instead of so many in the brown/rust family--and that has been fun!!!
Last night I did get some prep work done in tracing some patterns off onto freezer paper for some blocks of the bom--but did not get to the sewing room today--morning was spent with my friend Anne, and the afternoon was working on the counted cross stitch!!!

And I just got into moreeeeeeeeeeee--troubleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!
tonight with the "It just takes two" club--downloaded the first 2 sets of blocks--a total of 11!!!
now need to decide what two colors of solids to use--they are doing the models in red and white and I really like that--but--maybe a pretty blue and white would be nice--or, hey, some of you purple lovers out there--what about purple and white??????

Also this pattern is looking for a new home--

well---time to go for now--you all be good--cause I sure ain't!!!!
Hugs, Di and miss gracie


  1. Sure my middle name is Rippit!! I really like the new bluer colors--very pretty. I tried to pretend I did not see that pretty red and white it takes two.
    You are naughty to remind me.

  2. Sorry, too cold for frogs here at the moment ......
    Are you sure you just don't fancy two quilts with Dresden plates in different sizes?
    Like the blues!

  3. I do enough ripping of my own. LOL
    Why don't you put that one aside and make a new one??

  4. Your Dresden is so pretty! Shame you have to do all that frogging!!

  5. So glad you got yourself a dresden ruler too!!! I can see dresden plates flying all over blogland!!!!
    Sorry too far away to help you with frogging it Di!, but if I was just around the corner........
    You are getting yourself into a lot of trouble aren't you LOL!! Yes I think purple and white would look great, but then again, blue/white, green/white......sorry don't mean to encourage you too much LOL!!!!! Give that Miss Gracie a big cuddle for me won't you!!!!


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