Tuesday, January 31, 2012


What a month????

What a busy bee month!!!!
It was a 'funny' day here at the 'farm' today--
First my friend Anne came and we hand quilted for a couple hours--
I am still working on that pink one--lots on it to do!!!
then we got her Mom and went out to lunch--had not been to lunch in awhile--

OH==my goodness--could not believe how 'warm' it was out there today--
was at least 60 degrees here--think that has to be an all time record for this area!!!

But I was good when I got home and went to the sewing room and worked--
that is after I opened some windows--wide---
Today though it was to finish up some of the counted cross projects--
Here they are--
Oh-- I love how this came out--
and I fell in love with this cute star hanger a couple months ago at the Country shoppe and bought it--
she said it was holding a calendar--but--I like it holding this!!!!
finished this off into a small pillow--will probably use it in the bedroom???
Is this not sweet or what????
and 'yes' that is a tiny bunny button on the bottom!!!!
and a Santa ornament---the picture yesterday was of his white fur and beard!!!
took the design from this--
and then did alot of my own workings on him--
I mean who ever heard of green fur on Santa?????
This is for  a Christmas through the year cross stitch group!!!
Not sure yet how I will finish him for an ornament, !!!

Now--for the rest of the story--
of course with it being soooo beautiful out,
I did consider going over town for a walk--
but I knew that would mean the Quilt shop stop and the Yarn shop--
and as we all know--Di--does not need anything from either one--
so I decided to be a gooooooood girl and stay home and continue with Plan A--
and that was to finish up the cross stitch projects--
I got the first one done==the word one, and found some black satin ribbon for the holder--
set it over on the bed to be stuffed when I got the other 2 done--

I heard Miss Gracie doing something and turned around and she was "eating" the black ribbon--
oh my--did I panic--I did finally get it all back--and needless to say--in the garbage it went--
then I had an iron accident--
I really love this little iron--probably because it is smaller than most--
anyways I did not know my own strength today--
cause as I was ironing and baring down--I broke the handle--
I can still use it, but it is a pain to use--
and then I happened to burn one finger a bit--
I was ready to give up then--
but I was determined to finish those projects--
so I just kept right on working and it paid off--they are all done!!!

Now I have to go and check out what all I did do this month in the actual sewing/quilting projects--
I know I did some--didn't I???????

Miss Gracie does think I should take  tomorrow off though and just chill for awhile--
we will see???????
Hugs, Di and that 'girl'!!!!


Alice said...

Congratulations on all of the finishes!!! You have certainly earned a day off, but knowing you--you will start 7 new things.
Whatever you do, make sure you have fun.

Carol said...

Wow, Di, you have had a FANTASTIC month! I wish I had half your energy to complete my projects.

Hugs to you both,
Carol (NJ)

sunny said...

Oh, poor Miss Gracie, mom took her ribbon away. I guess it hasn't been a good month for irons. Please don't burn yourself. Ouch.

Merilyn said...

What nuisance breaking the iron handle! Your little projects are going well, and you are achieving a bit too, setting your goals in all!!! Well done!!!!

andsewon said...

Oh my sorry for all your boo boos! Hope today goes better for you. All wonderful finishes too!

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